Zaino'd the car **PICS**

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  1. I went crazy cleaning the car yesterday. I washed it, clay-bar'd it, washed it again, and ended up with 4 coats of zaino on it. Yeah, it shines a little now! :cool:
    Here's some pics after I finished with the clay bar.

    And here's after two coats of zaino :D

    It looks even better after I finished the last two coats, but I don't have any pics of that yet.
  2. lookin sharp :nice:
  3. Lookin good bro, the paint is starting to look really deep. Did you just use the Z-2? Have you tried the ZFX kit? I've said this before but I used to detail in college, and even out of all the professional products I have used, I still like Zaino the best and that's all I use on my car. In a lot of the detail forums though, people say there is better stuff, like the Poorboy's I think it's called. I always wanted to try it out, but I have always been satisfied with Zaino, even when I apply it by hand. What else have you used?
  4. I've used 3M hand glaze before I got Zaino. It looked pretty good, but it did'nt last very long. I'm very happy with Zaino's products and that's all I use when I actually get the time to really clean my car. I still use the 3M stuff on occasion, but not that often.

    I put on 3 coats of the Z-5 with ZFX, and one coat Z-2. There's still a few swirls in the paint so I might put on a couple more coats of both when I get another full day off.
  5. that looks awesome

    I've never used Zaino but i do know that claybar is the shtt
  6. It's expensive and time consuming, but it's definitely the sht.

    You have to get it online at, and it cost me around $100 for the kit about a year ago.
  7. That car's insanely hot. Looks great!...I'll drop mine off tomorrow so you can zaino it for me. :)
  8. Looks good...specially the AGX sticker:)
  9. Paint sealants need a 12-24 hours to cure between coats. You should email them to see what they recommend. But I'm pretty sure you just wasted a lot of product. And yes products are the chit. You car came out awesome none the less great job.
  10. Those stickers make the car handle better:D :rlaugh:

    Wytstang, I found this on Zaino's website....
    Looks like I may have wasted one coat. :(
  11. I personally like Klasse All-In-One with their sealnt glaze + S100 canauba wax. The carnauba wax doesnt last long, but damn does it give the color alot of depth.

    Zaino is def good for getting a mirror like shine, but next time try throwing on a thin coat of s100 wax, it should really bring out the 3 layers of color.

    Nice lookin car. :flag:

    Also the real test is to post pics under flourescent lighting, thats how you know whether or not the swirls are still there.
  12. I've heard great things about S100 as well. I'm going to try and get mine zaino'd or something before the next fun ford weekend show.

    Edit: Do you have to have a high speed buffer to apply the sealant? I was told it heats it up and makes it fill in the scratches better. All I have is a orbital. That poorboys site looks pretty cool I may order some.
  13. No you don't it just enhances the finish by 10x. Using a high speed buffer will always give you far better results. Also right now Autogeek has a lot of the poorboys world products on sale. Order from autogeek and just before check out use coupon code Detailcity and recieve another 10% of the sale price :nice: . If the funds allow pick up some Klasse All-In-One to clean the paint and leave a great acrylic polish behind to help enhance the paint. It also cleaned up my gold chain and rings and shine like a mofo.
  14. You should try Poorboys world Nattys Blue it last up to 3+ month depending on enviroment and car care (washing with dish soap :notnice: ).
  15. Looks very nice, always thought that was a sharp looking car. Original paint?
  16. Thanks for the compliments guys!

    It's not the originally paint, I had the entire car repainted last April ('04).

    Nik, I have a buffer but I'm not very good with it. I just did everything by hand.

    Where can I pick up some s100 wax?
  17. The site I saw said the S100 was avaliable at the Harley Davidson Dealers.
  18. I got my s100 online, just google it.

    And I might try Natty's next time around, but this s100 is gonna last a long time, and I dont care enough to buy even more products when I have too much already. :nonono:
  19. That is where I got mine.
  20. If you put wax on top of your Zaino it could interfere with the next coat of Zaino you put on, and to be honest you won't tell much of a difference with an added layer of wax.

    You should buy the new ZFX, you could put 3 coats of Zaino on in a days time. :D