Zaino'd the Shaker GT... new pics inside (death to 56K)

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  1. I won't post the pics here, but right after I installed I snapped several pics of just the bracket for someone. They are hosted on my website here:

    I guess I was lucky in that mine was able to be centered within the hood.

    Hey... there are so many tiny registries out there (Silver Mustang, DHG, Yellow, N/A, etc)... how 'bout we start a Shaker GT club. :)
  2. You ever think about a lightbar MineralMan? I think it would look amazing.
  3. Since it seems to be the Zaino whoring thread, figured I'd post my recent efforts:





    and lastly to show how bright it was that day:

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  4. :puke: No way. That's the one mod that I won't do. I want nothing but blue sky from the top of the windshield to the leading edge of the trunk.

    Black is defiently the best color for Zaino. After doing the Rover, the next day on my commute to work I pull up next to a very nice LS430, couple years old, black, big chrome rims... i really examined the paint and it was HORRIBLE... it was in desperate need of some Zaino.
  5. What do we need to do to start one MM? I'm game for a Shaker GT club lmao. I know about 5 not including you board guys.

    *EDIT* Oh and MM the bracket I wanted to see was GTs ;) Since he modded his too.
  6. Maybe a "Grey GT Convertible Shaker" club. :D
  7. Here is a rough drawing of the bracket. Maybe that could help?

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  8. haha.... we could do the gray shaker gt club.. but MyPonyRocks is a hardtop. Actually, i've seen one other non-Mach with the Shaker, and it was a Bullitt.... trying to find a photo of it.

    How about a SOHC Shaker club?
  9. dont forget theres the Banshee kit, CDC, KarKraft, and I believe some one else makes one too. They are on foxes new edge and even 05+s

    How about

    and I'm a tard, you;d think working construction I would understand a working drawing, but it doesn't make sense to me. Its cool though, I decided to fix it with the K-Member.
  10. I haven't heard of the Banshee kit... what's that?

    Here's a few pics I dug up of the Bullitt with the Mach 1 hood and shaker (I actually think this is the CDC Shaker based on the intake tract between the shaker and the's different than mine).





    "Not A Mach" Shaker club ??
  11. yes thats CDCs kit with a Mach hood. Much better proof that works than what I posted.

    The Banshee kit is nice, but it just doesn't look as good as the Mach. Its the Banshee RamJet or something.

    How do we get a website? I'm assuming it costs a bit of coin? Or is there a free way?
  12. oh, did your KK Kit come with drain tubes? Or you just don't add anything? I've never noticed them on a Mach or anything, but I didn't think about it till right now.
  13. Yea, going by the air tube, it is a 2nd generation CDC kit.

    The Banshee kit has a plastic (or is it fiberglass?) shaker scoop, instead of the Ford and CDC cast aluminum scoop.
  14. My KK kit did not come with the drain tubes for some reason. I simply used a pair of tubes made from standard heater hose tubing. I did add a plastic 90deg elbow to the one coming from the rubber skirt, because otherwise, I could not keep the bend open.

    The Mach did come with the tubes from the factory.
  15. I was kind-of half joking since here in this thread, we all seem to have grey GT convertibles, that we added a shaker to. :rolleyes:
  16. I'm kinda not joking. Considering that we would have a big audiance... the problem is getting ahold of them. Like I said CDC makes a shaker for foxes and up! Banshee makes em for 94-04 (I think) Karkraft, and some one told me theres another one.

    Eventually we could be a big deal... like with 10 whole members!
  17. Here is a pic. The yellow arrows point out the two new brackets I made, to fix my shaker offset problem using the KK kit.

    I also added two yellow lines to the bracket on the right to highlight the new offset these brackets add.

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  18. smallest picture EVER.. but I get the idea now, makes perfect sense. Could be my short term fix until I install the other K-member
  19. Sorry about that... I guess I was a bit to ambishus in shrinking the file size. :D

    Stangnet seems to have an attachment size limit, and I was trying keep within it. If you download the pic, and use your favorite pic display program to zoom it up, it should be at least usable.
  20. Finally a pic of mine :) Shes chopped to center the shaker, but whatever :) I'll definately post full shots when I get everything fixed.


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