Zaino'ed the car on Friday...

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  1. Thats one shiny ass 4x4 :)
  2. LOL...yea...Eddie Bauer 4x4 package. 1,500 dollar add on from the factory!!

  3. looks like you could use soem black leather front seats....see sig :)
  4. Nope...mine are doin fine....


  5. absolutely beautiful man.......very well is the nicest color when clean and shiny..........
  6. Car looks really good.
  7. Looks good :nice:
  8. Just need a good vacuum job now....:D

  9. Yah...yah...yah...:D

    Can never please 'em all... :rolleyes:

  10. haha

    looks good man, i need to pick up some zaino for mine
  11. I'll sell ya mine, lol. Stuff is a pain the ass.

  12. very clean stang Jake :nice:
  13. Jake!!! That looks KILLER. I always thought ur car was Green.
  14. My old v6 Mustang was green. Prolly saw pics of that before.

  15. How long do you leave it sit before removing it. I know if you use the ZFX accelerator, they say only 15 minutes. I say leave it for a half and hour, and it comes off really easy.

    I have used Zaino for years. Haven't washed my car in over a year beacuse of that stuff. It is kinda hard to use though. Different anyway.

    You did a great job, she looks beautiful all clean...........
  16. Yeah, I let it sit for about 1/2 hour with the ZFX accelerator. I did the clay bar, two coats of the swirl and scratch remover and two coats of the final polish.

  17. I called Zaino once because I was having trouble removing the swirl remover. The final polish z-2 comes off really easy, but the swirl remover does not. He told me to spritz the area with the z-16 spray, and that would make it a lot easier to remover the swirl remover. Not to mention, it kills two steps at once since you are supposed to use the spray between every coat.

    Just thought I would share.

    BTW, our local SVTOA club took the top two trophies this weekend in our class at the San Diego Auto Museum show. Both use Zaino.

    Okay, I'm gonna brag, I got first, and my buddy got 2nd.

    Moral, it may be a bit tough to use, but look at your car now. WOW!! Black is so amazing when it looks like that. Good job...........
  18. that's clean... The last pic really tell's it all...that mofo is shiny... :nice: Musta blown the day rubbing that down... :D
  19. <-----Jealous