Zanio and Vinyl Stripes

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  1. Anyone noticing any issues with using Zanio or any wax with your vinyl stripes? Specifically wondering if you Zanio your car and then apply the stripes does it affect how the stripes stick to the car?

    What about getting under the stripes once they are on. Any discoloration? These might be stupid questions but I just wanted to ask.

    Can you Zanio vinyl?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. check out my garage! I used Zaino on my vinyl stripes did an outstanding job!
    heres a thread I started as well:

    I had no issues on the stripes, easy on easy off!
    I e-mailed Zaino about the application of Zaino on vinyl and he responded that it is suitable for use and it provides the protection.
  3. I talked to Zaino and they said it was safe to use on Vinyl.
  4. Kevin: where did you buy your racing stripes?