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  1. im at work so i cant keep going through the thread boss hates it when he sees me chilling on the forum. my car is a 94 and its fuel injected. cost me a pretty penny. about 9000 total. i got a little carried away. the motor is a direct replacement. all you need is a taller hood, well i did. has for the brackets on the 94 they all bolt right back up because they bolt to the heads only. on the 93's and below the bolt to the head and water pump and thats why you have buy brackets. what cost me is that i had nothing to really work with for the fi. had to buy throttle body, mfa, injectors and distributor. not to mention all the goodies in the motor. all thats required to run the small base circle or hyd roller is to take the spyder off of your 302 and drill two holes in the 351 valley pan and mount it. save yourself the 100 or so bucks on the retrofit the stock one in a 302 will work. fi is costly becuase of the parts to make the motor run. plus i spent about 675 having a custom chip made. you also have to consider things like cooling because my griffin rad cost about 475. once i started it was to late to turn back so i finished it took about 6 months. even put in a tubular k member by qa1 and i reccommend that for all mustangs becuse it really creats some room. if you like just email me and i can give you all the information that you need. but if you have worked on your 302 like bigger throttle body or injectors your almost there i had nothing. but after it was all done car made 548hp and 483ftp of torque at the rear wheel and retains full interior and ac. tore up transmission but had a best pass of 11.18 on motor and 10.83 with a 100shot of nos. soon as i get my tko im going up to a 175 shot looking for 10.50s and thats on pump gas with a 3.55 gear and drive anywhere hope this help now back to work :spot:
  2. So its just a 351ci, not a stroker? You put down 548 hp NA to the wheels, or was htat on the bottle? Give me some facts on the motor. H/I
  3. thanks, give us more details about the engine when you have time.
  4. its a 393 stroker, just brought a scat crank 3.85 and used eagle rods stock length. pistons are from probe forged flat top. comp is about 11.62:1 using a program that the machine man uses that is what he gave on that computation worksheet. nothing special about the pistons any standard 302 piston will work. when i say standard i just mean a 302 piston because the 351 and 302 use the same bore. heads are afr 205 with an edelbrock victor intake and the cam came from comp its a custom grind. i called ed curtis and told him what i was doing and he gave me the specs that would work best. the motor has a lot more potential but i had to go a little small on the cam because ed told me to radical and i would never be able to tune. the tuner said that once the cam's get to aggressive in profile the comp actually crashes so to speak and it just wont idle and likes to shut off after stopping. i was going to go carburetor because its so easy but i want to keep the fi so i spent the money. but if i cant get a trans to stay together im taking it out and putting it in my 84 with a carb and just build a mild 351 so that i havent wasted all my money in the fi components for the motor
  5. Awesome, thats my dream motor. You should try and change the subject so others can view your combo.
  6. ill get some pics of it and post them its not looking that great now because the hoses are off and top of intake i had to remove the intake to get transmission out. in order to get trans out you have to tilt the motor well the 351's intake hits the back of the firewall when i tilt it plus the fogger system likes to bind so ill take some pics tomorrow if i get the time and post them you really cant tell the difference except for the height of the motor and the ac almost touching the battery tray but to an untrained eyes its identical. youll be suprised how many vettes and slomaros that have set me out and lost their money. then run again heads up and still suffer. nothing feels better than just owning a chevy or dodge product lololol