Zerk fitting madness

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  1. The simple chore of lubricating the upper control arm in my '68 got a lot harder when I snapped off the forward 90degree zerk fitting during the disconnect. Damn.

    It looks like my control arms (replacement) are not quite centered in my shock towers (original), making the rear zerk fitting impossible to get the grease gun on. I tried one of those rubber-hose-with-a-wire-in-it-to-open-the-zerk, but no luck there either.

    So, now my right control arm squeaks, but as the front zerk is broken off and the rear zerk is unaccessible, I can't lube the control arm at all.

    I think I'll have to pull the control arm back out to remove the broken zerk threads. Should I also "massage" the shock tower just a bit to make the rear zerk accessible? Or, is the rear zerk redundant...will pumping the front zerk fitting full push grease back the the rear part of the control arm tube?

  2. 67-73 Mustangs require a special zerk fitting. Ordinary auto parts store zerks are useless, as you have found.


    Oh- the two caps are completely independent. You could have one drenched in grease, and the other would get rusty.

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  3. Excellent. Okay, since I have to get both caps back in business, out comes the upper control arm. But first, thanks for the photo above. I searched the Scott Drake website and found those zerk fittings. I'll be back in business in a flash.

  4. Glazier/Nolan stocks the kit as G05142.
  5. Perfect, thanks!