Zero Balance Windsor crankshaft?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by zenboy99, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Can you get a zero balanced Windsor stroker crank? Or do they all have to have a 28oz balancer?
  2. The balances are to help with engine turnover by means of centrifical forces. Even if they did make one, the engine with one would possibly have a stalling issue or a rougher/choppy idle.

    Early-model 302's use the 28oz balance as well as 351's.
    Late-model 302's (the ones most of us are accustomed to) us a 50oz balance.
  3. do you have any idea of what youre talking about......

    There are plenty cranks you can get. Eagles makes a crank that you can take to zero without adding heavy metal to it.
  4. No I don't, thats why I posed the question. If there are zero balance cranks out there, then why are so many people running a 28oz balancer?
  5. I think he meant the crankshaft that might cause 'stalling issues or a rough/choppy idle' :lol:

    So many people use the factory imbalance because they can reuse factory parts and upgrade to better quality as the funds become available. If you use a zero balance crank, you're forced to get a zero balance flywheel/flexplate and harmonic damper. And that'll add an extra $550-700 to the project that may not be necessary.
  6. It was to the other guy, not you. But a search may have been useful ;)

    To go to zero , you usually need a bunch of mallory to get it there, which adds up pretty quickly. And for most people, the extra cost doesnt really justify going neutral. 28 will be fine and usually cheaper. For a street/strip car, 28 is more than adequate
  7. That's exactly right. Mallory is expensive and if you're only spinning to 7k, 0 balance is overkill. 28 on a stroker crank is pretty common because you don't need to cut them up so bad like they do going to 50. I've seen 50 oz balance stroker cranks - Not pretty. I just had the crank for my new 342 balanced to 0 about 3 months ago and I'm thinking it took 3 slugs of Mallory @ $100.00 each. That adds up fast.
  8. Great, thanks for the info guys. Sorry about the misunderstanding.