Zero Gravity in a Cessna (very funny).

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  1. Thats not cool the dog takes a hard landing at the end.
  2. exactly what i was thinking Jester67 lol
  3. I've been the back seater before....When someone does'nt tell you to be prepared for it,it's not fun for a human ,and especially un cool for a dog..
  4. Link gone. Now there is more bandwidth for pictures of motorcycle and car crashes available for you to enjoy without complaints.
  5. aw c'mon krash, nothing against you, thought it was a cool video, its all us with ADD who only remembers the very last things in the video lol, I dont think we (at least I wasnt) saying the video wasnt cool, we were just saying the dog wiped out...wasnt trying to start anything man
  6. I'm cranky cause its my birthday and I'm stuck at work.
  7. I'm not complaining about it ,I thought it was funny ,I did'nt want to say publicly that I puked all over the plane,and my cousin who decided to pull that one on me ,if the dog had a plate of alpo before it's ride I imagine it would'nt have been pretty, it was'nt meant to be an animal right's protest,sorry it was taken that way..
  8. Alright maybe I'm a little gun shy. Didn't want to start something unintentionally. I'll put the link back up.

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  9. P.S. Happy Birthday
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! That is awesome! I don't get what everyone's bothered by. It's a dog they bounce back unlike any other animal out there. He was probably sitting on the ground wagging his tail after that. I know I would have been. :D
  11. [QUOTE='69Mach1]P.S. Happy Birthday[/QUOTE]

  12. I think it’s great!!!!! But of course you are talking to the guy who puts matches in-between his dorm-mates toes and lights the matches just to watch them loose it when they get up. Then,,,,, well,,,, 1 vs. 4 you end up getting your eyebrows shaved. But hey they only take about 4 weeks to grow back. Any way about the dog, I am sure he is fine, he actually looked like he was having a blast.
  13. Happy Birthday Krash...we love you
  14. how in the world do you get zero gravity like that? is that when they do a circle or whatever
  15. That is what happens when you make a dive, the negative G's will make it a weightless environment.
  16. Actually you have to climb first, and the do a "push over", this is where you reach zero G and you maintain it by diving with the power off so as not to overspeed the prop are exceed maximum velocity. If you watch through the back window of the plane you can see the procedure.
  17. I dont know why you didnt unbelt and float around also? I think that would have been a blast.
  18. Hippo Birdy two Ewes.