zero to 90 in 9.79

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  1. I have this deserted road near my house and I thought i'd do a speed run to 90 to see what times i'm getting. My speedo is right on the money now that I put a 23 tooth TCI gear on the cable. I even checked it with my hand held GPS...isn't technology great! Anyhow, from a standing start it does zero to 90 in 9.79...seems pretty good...but i'm really not sure. This is with a 3.50 posi rear. I get a little tire spin up to 15-20 or so but for the most part the Falken 451 245 tires grip pretty well. 90 is almost redlined in 2nd. My shift points are 6500-6600. When I go to the drags, I plan to pop a 4.11 posi in and slicks so the times may be a bit better. I think my secondaries on the street avenger 770 are opening all the way now (I had a problem with the shaft bushings binding the last time I had a chassis dyno).

    I'm curious if anyone can extrapolate this time to 1/4 time and trap speed? :)
  2. that seems pretty dang fast to me
  3. 90 MPH = 132 Ft/Sec

    V = A * t

    132 Ft/Sec = A * (9.79 Sec) ---> A = 13.48 F/S/S

    d = 1/2 * A * t^2

    1320 Ft = (1/2) * (13.48 F/S/S) * t^2 ---> t= 13.99 Sec

    Well that's how it would compute assuming constant acceleration which it's not but hey, a guess is a guess is a guess right?

    I think a constant acceleration assumption would give a lower ET than actual. By how much, I dont know...maybe not too much becasue the acceleration used was from such a huge variation in speed. Acceleration would go down as speed went up due to wind resistance among other things.

  4. I thought of the constant acceleration thing too...but I think there are just too many variables (from one engineer to another). Here is an example to consider. A 2006 lexus IS 350 goes 0 to 90 in 12 seconds. It did 0 to 60 in 6.0 and the quarter in 14.5. I've got this car beat by over 2 seconds 0 to 90. Honestly, I think my car will be somewhere between mid 12's and low 13's. What I like about my 0 to 90 time is that it seems reasonable to suggest that i've got another 3+ seconds to go. I would like to think i'd be able to get well into the 100s by then (between 100 and 110). I feel optimistic about my chances of breaking into the high 12s. I'd be very pleased if that happens. It's all conjecture and I won't really know until I hit the strip.
  5. Ya definitely a horrible way to do an estimate with all the variables. I tried it out on mustangmatt's ET and speed under his name...wasnt too close at all.
  6. haha what can i say, im a baller :)
  7. Reading in my latest Motor Trend Mag., the 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 does 0-90 in 9.7 and the 1/4 in 13.1s.
  8. The acceleration slows at you get going. So you would think that it would be slower than the equation says. Or you could just take it to the track. :rolleyes:
  9. Geez...a supercharged hemi stationwagon! Not quite like the good old Country Squire that my friend's dad drove. Oh gives me comfort that they have to supercharge a hemi to get it to go 0-90 the same as my car. If I got to the drags and ran a 13.1 i'd kick myself...too close to the 12s. Well, maybe with the 4.11s, slicks and open headers I could see 12.XX pop up on the board.

    Good info...thanks
  10. haha welcome to my world, it seems so close but so far prepare yourself to slam the crap out of the gears and push her harder then ever before, but no matter what it always seems like something goes wrong, loss of traction, missing a gear, carb bogs..its always something haha