ZEX 150 shot on stock fuel pump

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stumbaugh, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has done it. I am NOT looking at doing it, but I do know some local mustang guy's who are. Just curious.
  2. I'm sure you can get away with it, but I certainly don't recommend it. IMO, you would be playing with fire...better yet, you would be playing with fire while holding a gas can! Lol!

    At the minimum, I would recommend getting an SVT Focus fuel pump. You could also probably get away with running a KB BAP with the stock pump.
  3. Where do you guys find the focus fuel pumps? I know they can be purchased on ebay, but I refuse to use paypal (long long long story), so I can't do any purchases on there. Any other places?
  4. Thanks for the links Tim! I need to get a fuel pump so I can upgrade mine to a 150. I told my friends they can do what they want, but I'm not going with a 150 till I get a fuel pump.
  5. No problem man! Not worth hurting the motor if the stock pump can't keep up.
  6. I've heard hit or miss reviews about the Walboro pump, but all on the internet and not in real life, so you know how that goes.

    Does it drop right in as a replacement for a stock GT pump?
  7. The focus pump will basically drop right in. Some people will drill small holes in the bottom/sides of the basket to keep it from getting sucked dry. I didn't do it to mine and have had no problems.

    Not sure if the Walbro is plug n play or not.

    If you do swap pumps, I recommend you get a fuel tank filler neck grommet at the same time. I ripped mine on the install and didn't catch it til I was driving the car later. Had to drop the tank again to fix that!
  8. I don't believe that Walbro pump is compatible with the FPDM control used in later GTs with the returnless system.
  9. I ran a 125 shot with a KB BAP and it kept me as rich as I wanted to be. It worked flawlessly.
  10. plz tell me more about running n2o. i bought a kit w/ 25-175 shot pills. i would like to run the 150 or the 175.

    oh i have a Mach 1
  11. I'm not trying to be a dick, but you should start your own thread with more specific questions. In the meantime, start reading through these... Mustang Forums at StangNet - Search Results
  12. You're going to blow **** up with a 175 shot.