zex 75 shot safe with non nitrous brenspeed tune?

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  1. I hear its safe with the stock tune but i was wandering if its safe to run with the brenspeed tune im getting with my cai.:shrug: i dont want to have to change tunes every time i want to run nitrous.
  2. How often are you planning on running nitrous? In reality you should only be running nitrous on the dyno and at the track, so changing tunes then really wouldn't be a big deal. If you plan on running it on the street, I doubt you'll receive much support.
  3. :shrug: ????? What do you mean? N20 is just as much for the street as it is anywhere. What I would be concerned about with a performance tune is any timing advance being incorporated into the tune. A 75 shot is pretty small but you do not want any detonation from advanced timing. That is the death of a motor on the bottle. Just call your tuner and ask about the timing advance and his advise on running that small of a shot. Of course, a full dyno tune would be the safest way. Good luck
  4. Your 75 shot is fine on the street just be smart about it. I called Zex directly and they said you are safe with no tune on the 75 shot. My tuner said it was very bad w/o a tune and talked me into it. I've used in on both motor tune and nitrous tune and can't tell the difference (you feel it in both). Just remember that every time you install another mod you have to get both tunes redone. I recently bought a new airfilter and had to get both tunes redone. I can see some tuners trying to charge you for two tunes.

  5. So the 75 shot would still be safe with the more aggressive brenspeede tune?
    im trying to stay away from changing my tune every time i run nitrous.

    DarkFire.... i get what your saying but how is a 75 shot of go gas different from 4.10's, pullies, custom tunes ets. that people get to make there car faster for the street? :shrug:

    thanks for any info yall!
  6. Because bolt-on mods are there all the time. With nitrous you're in an uncontrolled environment and you suddenly have 75HP more than normal. To me it's way unsafe. But after wrecking at 135+MPH, maybe I'm more cautious.
  7. I got ya. 135?:eek:
  8. This is my '03, and the reason I don't street race.