Zex blow down tube

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 86bluecobra, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. I just got a zex blow down tube. How do i install this? do i have to unscrew the othe pressure relief valve on my sniper nitrous bottle? can i do it if the bottle is full? plz help never did it before and no instructions.
  2. Oh no,the bottle has to be empty!

    Also,you need a special fitting to go were the burst disc previously was (the tube screws on,there about $20 for the NOS bottles).

    Ill look it up in a sec.
  3. the zex kit came with 2 of these such fittings. the zex giy says this stuff will work on my NOS bottle.
  4. lucky my bottle is empty right now. hate to waste good nitrous.
  5. Well then your all set,just hook it up like the instructions on NOS shows.


    Or else,you better like sever frost bite....
  6. frost bite? I live in canada. opening a nos bottle in my igloo would probably warm the thing up. Canadians laugh at the thought of frost bite.
  7. Yea,thats good...and some how I get the feeling Canada is still warmer than -100 (-147? I forget exactly),lol.
  8. lol ok maybe but not much warmer
  9. just asking. What is the point of that pipe?
  10. If your nitrous bottle ever exceeds a certain pressure, the blow down tube vents the nitrous outside the car.