ZEX DRY kit wont work.....

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  1. on my MACH.... :bang: ....is there anyway to make it work...some guy said if i run a smaller shot and place the nozzle in front of the MAF it would work...the computer would adjust to it...and not use the other connecions on the box...just plug them up...will this work even on the returnless fuel system the 99+ come with..any info would be helpful...
  2. i have the ZEX dry kit on my 98. All i did was run the one wire to the throttle position sensor. I ran the "intake hose" to the fuel pressure regulator hose coming off the intake plenum (below the throttlebody). I ran the "Regulator hose" directly to the vaccum port on the fuel pressure regulator. Basically all you are doing is running the Zex box in series between the vaccum port on the intake and the fuel pressure regulator. It is necessary to do this with the zex kit, because it modifies the vaccum signal to allow your fuel pressure regulator to allow more fuel into the engine. If you eliminate this you are going to eliminate the safety of the kit. Here is a make-shift diagram.

    Good Luck!

    Just click on the attachment and it should open in Paint.
  3. 2 options.....

    1. Sell the byatch and make some $$ off of it.

    2. Or use it and have your motor go to hell alot faster!!!

  4. yeah, but i have an 03 mach w/ the returnless fuel system...98 on back have a return style fuel sytem...thanks for the info though...
  5. Have you tried calling the Zex helpline? 1-800-817-1008 They might be able to help.
  6. If you spray through the MAF you'll fool the computer into thinking it's cold and it will dump in some more fuel, possibly pull timing. It's a bad idea tho. I know a guy that sprays his V-6 that way, he averages around a 16:1 A/F ratio. I don't know why he hasn't blown his engine up yet. Sell the kit and get yourself a wet kit.
  7. It will work

    Dont call ZEx they will tell you it wont work.

    Ive seen alot of late model mustangs inclunding my own with zex kits.

    Simply follow the directions on the kit including the throttle body wire (I think its the white wire on your sensor plug).

    Yes, let the spray go through the mass air. Do not point the spray nozzle directly at the mass air unit ,it will freeze the unit wires,Let the spray be pulled through the mass air.

    You can mount the zex box on the wheel side of the fender well or next to the mass air unit (engine side) ,if you have cold air;Its to tight with the stock intake tube. I used only the top 2 screws to mount the zex box next to the mass air on the fender well.You may want to rotate the mass air so the "plug in" dosent rub on the zex box.

    You can mount the spray nozzle on the End of the filter(drill a hole) so that it sprays sideways or drill a hole in a cold air tube ,by the fender well, so that it makes a turn before it hits the mass air unit.

    Zex will tell you it wont work,but Powerhouse performance in Oklahoma city makes a living putting zex kits in mustangs.

    It took my car from 14s to low 13s.

    I'm running a wet kit now but the zex was much safer.
  8. Sell it and get a wet kit?? Anyone else agree with this?
  9. Sell it and buy an extended warranty for the car...... :rolleyes:
  10. Just got off the phone w/ powerhouse performance, and they said it would work...they've done it on a bunch of stangs, and they got the dyno in house and had no problem with the A/F...so we'll see....

  11. did u get one on your car....ohh, i forgot you can't.... :p