Zex Dry Nos Install

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  1. I picked up a used Zex kit and 75mm bbk TB for $200! Anyway a few questions

    1 do I need to run a colder plug

    2 should I start running 93 or will 89/91 suffice?

    3 what wire on the TB do I use for the trigger on the Zex box

    4 I'm planning on running 75 shot I used to run 9.10/9.20s in the 1/8th
    What can I expect now? (Mods below)

    96 GT
    Jlt cai, pi intake
    Shorty headers OR H, AT catback
    short throw shifter
    Steeda quadrant /cable/adjuster
    Spec II Clutch

    Only difference other than Nos last time I went to the track I had
    A catted X not an or H
  2. Are you sure its a dry ZEX kit? I went with NGK 1 step colder plugs for my 100 shot, and pulled a total of 4 degrees of timing, if its a dry kit you'll need it tuned and the tuner will pull the timing for you. Run the best gas you can 91+ . I believe its the grey and white wire should be the middle one, but double check with a meter. Your gains at the track will be limited by your traction, get some M/T and you'll be seeing high 8s
  3. Yes it is a Zex kit. Also it hooks up to the fpr to add fuel.
    It came with 25/50/75hp jets.
  4. 2012-06-30_18-53-24_446.jpg
    $4.25 flashing led from Orielly lets me know when its armed.
    This controler bumps the fuel pressure when you spray via the FPR also has a WOT switch built in wired to the TPS
  5. Now my 340k tri colored beater is faster than my mint low mile cobra! talk about a sleeper!! I bought the car 5 years ago for 5100$ with 120k at 315k hit a dear that popped the air bags and totaled it. Got 5600$ for it from the insurance company! bought its back for $800 Bought bags, fender, hood, bumper for $250, bought a set of 98 cobra wheels with NEW nittos for $300 sold my old wheels for 200$ Bought the ZEX kit and a 75mm BBK tb (not installed yet) for $200 Also bought a 40k PI 4.6 for $200 off a buddy that totaled his vic. so total investment is $1170 with a spare motor sitting in the garage and a total of 220,000 trouble free miles. Now all i need is a paint job so it all matches.. halfway thinking off shooting it in satin black lol
  6. Not gonna lie, that looks sketchy... haha. But if it works, it works. Just don't get too greedy with it.

  7. Lol wasnt going to get realy fancy with the install considering what the car looks like but i assure you everything is wired up well added an inline fuse for safety Not alot of room under the hood to mount the box. I might make a bracket for it at work next week.
  8. I was looking at those lines... What are the top two? I see the braided line on the bottom.

    Either way, it's gotta be fun. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the first time I sprayed.
  9. vac lines for the fuel pressure regulator. I re routed them when i got done so theyd be long enough. The zex box goes between the FPR and the intake so it can bump your fuel pressure up when you spray. Bottom braided line goes to the nozzle which is on the other side of the maf
  10. Pretty simple install you have a vacuum hookup a FPR hookup, NOS in, NOS out, ground, 12v arm wire, tps wire (middle wire in tps harness is what mine was) you get it all hooked up and turn the system on. There is a learn button you push and hold on the end of the box, The light flashes green to red you open your throttle all the way and let off light turns solid, turn system off and back on now its learned your WOT position. You can test it with the engine and bottle off floor it and listen for the relay to click.
  11. Sweet dude, have fun! Let us know how it does at the track.