ZEX efi nitous kit

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by just4bob50, May 1, 2005.

  1. I am about to order a ZEX efi 125hp nitrous kit for my car. i currently run 13.6 at 102 with a 1.97 60'. I would like to get an idea of what kind improvment i could expect at the track. any one out there who has experience with NOS, if you could let me know what your times were with and without NOS and how much NOS was used to get that improvement that would be great.
  2. You will knock 1 second off your times with a 100 shot. Not sure on the 125 shot - haven't tried it.
  3. i ran a 13.0 with no nitrous and a 11.5 with 150 hp shot. mind you i had and extra 90 lbs in the car when i did my best time of 11.5. so i bet the 125hp shot gives you close to a second and a half.
  4. my stock aod 'vert knocked off 1 1/2 seconds w/ the zex dry kit w/ 100 jets

    15.1 to a 13.6 at 99

    my old notch went 13.20's on motor and 12.50's @ 109 w/ nos dry kit and 75 jets

    if youre a 13.60 now ...w/ 100 shot (i'd skip the 125 except for now and then...stick w/ the 100 jets) you should run 12.40-12.70 @ about 106-108

    most guys i've seen gain only about another tenth from bumping over 100
    2 tenths w/ 150...and you use A LOT more juice.... just my opinion though..and your car may respond really well to it
    get it...you'll be like a crack baby , your so addicted
  5. Just4bob You have some nice times for your mods. Could you tell me what your run looks like through the 1/8th mile please? I'm going back to track (it's my second time) this wed/thur and I want to know where I should improve. I see that you have an intake on me, but I have a cam on you, so I'm hoping to get into the high 13's 1/4. Do you run street tires? I ran a 2.198 60
    6.180 [email protected] 57.20 and 9.4 in the 1/8th @ 76.11 so I would like to compare to see where I need to improve the most. I'm also very curious to see how your car reacts to nitrous as I'm planning on getting that same kit after I get the Trick flow street heat intake... I was driving around today and practiced my shifting and realized I have a lot to gain in that department as well as obviously in the launch, just want some comparison to benchmark myself. Thanks, good luck with the giggle gas...
  6. Damn, should have read the whole mods list, disregard the part about tires.