Zex GT kit installed!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by scrming, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Got my kit installed... took about 6 hours.. I have not tried it out yet...waiting to take it and get it dyno tuned... (with the way my shift firmness is set now, hitting the juice would be a bad idea! LOL)

    Check out the install pics:

    Got Zex?
  2. Thanks for this! I already told you in PM but I'll tell you here again, thanks! I'm glad now that you did your install first. I may be doing mine alone.
  3. An absolutley vital asset to the 05-06 V6 Mustang community!! Scrming is at the top of his game.. We shall all strive to give back to our community as much as he has!! :nice:

    Awsome install Scrming! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! LOL!! :D
  4. Thanks guys... I'm glad I can give something back to this great community from WHICH I LEARNED so much!!!
  5. Just start with the bottle mounting, and line runs first Jimp... Shouldnt be too bad by yourself.. You'll be ok.. Just dont tap anything yet..

    Also, run the on/off switch into the cockpit..
  6. Yeah, we spent the most time on bottle placement and getting the brackets mounted...
  7. What about the fuel lines? That's the part I'm worried about.
  8. Do you mean the fuel line from the Fuel Rail to the Nitrous Control Unit (NCU)???

    If so it very easy.... except i forgot to mention (which I'll fix right now) is to remove the fuel pressure sensor you need a Torx bit... I don't rememer the size...
  9. I have torx bits. If you could post pics of that it would be great. Really appreciate all your help here.
  10. Looking at the pics of your car Scrming, I cant help but to think of how sleepy it looks! LOL!!! Boy, does someone with a GT have a big surprise waiting for him at a stop light.. LOL!! The back tires should be a clue to him, as they look like they are ready to launch the car hard! :D

    Sleeping Yellow (Screaming) 05 V6! :nice:
  11. Here's a couple of pics of the fuel pressure sensor and fuel line... while the install guide said beware of high pressure we found that there really was no pressure and did really have hardly any gas at all come out...



  12. Actually it's kind of funny... I have never had a car REV on me in town... I had one new GTO rev on me when I was in East Lansing (college town) when I first got my car... I just laughed...Yeah, right.. I can't even chirp my tires! Now.... hmmmm... maybe I DO need that remote bottle opener! LOL!
  13. Thanks scrming. That helps a bunch. :flag:
  14. No problem.. I'll be here at the computer for a few more hours... Then out for the night.... I'll be gone most of the day tomorrow... Car show!!!
  15. That's gotta be one fast V6 stang. :nice:
  16. Cool stuff....Zex ROCKS.

    Post some ETs when you get them.

  17. For a clue to the power of this car, please read this link, and scroll down... The car pictured has the exact same setup... Please pay close attention to the 1/4 mile reciept..


    All bone stock engine, from the ground up...

  18. OH SURE PILE ON THE PRESSURE!!!! LOL! I'll be happy if i don't break anything!!!! Actually if we break into the 13s I'd be excited... Remember this is my Daily Driver! Rides nice, handles good.. good on gas... plain jane BFG all season radials... LOL

  19. LOL!! No problem.. Thats why there is an On/OFF switch.. During the week, you run 14's.. On the weekends, you flip the switch and run low 12's.. Not a problem at all Sir! :nice:
  20. Scrming...

    Sweet... This has me stoked..... I can't wait to see how you do.

    No pressure Mr. Pioneer.....