Zex GT kit installed!

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  1. Well actually I'm trying to follow the path set by powerhouse without going crazy.... I need to stop well BEFORE the cliff.... I don't need to see how close to the edge I can get! LOL!!!
  2. I just got back from doin some framing on a house, but man sweet pics and everything :) Im still jealous because i dont even have my sct2 yet lol.

    I am tryin to get a quote from local shops for installin a tlok. I want to keep my current gear ratio though, im lovin the gas mileage.
  3. Actually the gearing is pretty good stock... If I hadn't gone crazy with my rear tires I might have just left my gears alone.... But man do those tire look tough now with the car lowered... LOL!!! ( I'll have to get some new pics!!! )

    The shop that did my rear end quoted me $100 to just install the T-Loc...
  4. You better hurry! I'm going back to the track this Tuesday. :chair:
  5. I found the SCT2 for $365 with free shipping, the tlok for $199 including shipping, just tryin to find a shop to do the isntall. so hopefully around $700 for everything and i can get me some 14s
  6. ok... possible set back.. got check engine and wrench light today... codes indicate TPS problem... there is a TSB for it (15-14-4). My car does fit the TSB... but funny that this would happen after the Zex install... hmmmmm... Guess I got to the dealer tomorrow and see if they will replace the TPS under the TSB... argh...

  7. Not before you let Lidio look at it... Maybe you have a leak in the Tapped portion of the fuel line..

    Do not take the car to the dealer... I repeat, do not take the car to the dealer.. Let Lidio look at it first... Roger?
  8. Doesnt the new 05 zex kit do something with the TPS? check that part make sure its all secure and everything.

  9. Remember you said you had to train the Zex system for you TP.. Well, see if re-training it works.. I thought you said it became wide open at 80%? Maybe thats the problem.. The Zex should kick in at around 75 or 80%, but you should still have 20 to 25% left for WOT.. I would unplug the battery for 20 minutes, then plug it back in a start the process over again..

    So that means, after you unplug the battery, disconect the Zex control unit.

    After 20 min, plug the battery back in, and turn the car on without the zex hooked up.. Now drive it around the block.. Then come back and re-connect the Zex system, re-training the unit for 75% WOT..
  10. or maybe he needs to fill the bottle and romp around? lol jk

  11. LOL!! I was going to throw 1 joke in similiar to that... But now is not the time.. I do want that bottle filled though.. LOL!
  12. I wouldnt take it to the dealer because im 99.9% sure the problem is related to the zex install. Therefore bam $80 minimum for engine light diag, plus their labor rate/hour to fix it.
  13. Well I got my Zex kit installed today. Did it mostly by myself because my "buddy" never showed up. It's all set up except for filling the bottle. So far I've done all of the mods to my car by myself. I never worked on cars before this. So maybe it's good that my buddy didn't show.
  14. Ok.... i think I solve the problem... it was kind of odd... but here goes...

    Yes, the Zex kit "taps" in to the TPS wire. We did this Friday afternoon... Car ran fine... Ran fine all day yesterday.. Ran fine this morning... Was at a car show all day... IT WAS HOT HERE!!! So after a long day, close the hood and start heading home... a couple of miles down the road car like stutters, check engine light and wrench... I'm like OH SHOT!

    Ok.. get home wrench goes away when you restart engine... Only seems to come on at WOT... hook up my handy dandy X-Cal2 and start logging the TPS values... sure enough at WOT all of sudden the value for TPS does a little drop... CEL and Wrench... Check all the connection... still no luck... Ok.. now when we tapped into the wire we cut back insulation and wrapped and soldered in... you would think that would be a good connection???? Well, I clipped the wire... can't get the CEL/wrench to happen... ok.. it's related to the Zex... I reattached the wire, wrap and tape... Can't get the CEL/wrench to come back on... soooooo... all this was over a faulty connection... one that I think most people would assume was a good one... hmmm...

    Thanks for all the suggestions and concerns!!!
  15. i hate wires, at my shop i hired someone that just does electrical cuz i get so frustrated with it lol. Glad to know that its going to work for the best. The real test will bet his week after u get the juice flowin and the dyno tuning down.
  16. JIMP, u going to get it tuned or just run the tune u got with the 75 shot?
  17. Hmm. I just used the T wire connection that came with the kit. You should program the NMU. It's easy and that will tell you if the connection is good.

  18. That's the thing... we did program the NCU... it was working great... you could hear those solenoids going! LOL!

    I need to call Zex... I wounder if you put the NCU in "learn" mode if it will spray during the learning part???

  19. So you would essentially have the bottle turned off.. Thus, no air should be present in the line..

    So when it learns, and activates the solenoid, it may shoot, but there is no preesure in the line to even shoot anything..

    Now if for some reason you had the bottle open and it shot, even though there is no pressure, I'm not sure what the ramifications would be..

    Jimp just completed his.. I wonder how his car will respond in a days time...?

    Pwrhws was here earlier, he didnt offer any advice to the problem? Maybe you should PM him and ask his specifically what he feels the problem is..
  20. You turn the ignition on during the programming but don't start it. I don't see how it can spray if the car is not running. Besides, you haven't even filled your bottle yet have you?