Zex GT kit installed!

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  1. I'm just going to use the 87 octane tune(stock timing) with the 75 shot for now. With the new software that BamaChips loaded onto my SCT-2, I can retard the timing for a higher shot. The instructions tell you what timing to use for each one. If I go above 75 I have to change spark plugs. I'm going to beef up the rearend before I do that.
  2. I thought Scrming solved the problem with the loose wire? Is he still having problems?

    Jimp, were you able to take any pics? Where did you mount your bottle..? Is it right behind the rear seats, where you can reach over at a stoplight and twist it open if you feel the need to bust a GT in the chops? LOL!! :D Or maybe even a Vette or anything that tries to rev on you! LOL!!

    This Nitrous stuff is going to test the man inside of you guys.. Remember, we must remain humble 05 Mustang owners.. Just because we can run low 12's, damn near 11's, we must not accept every challenge which comes our way.. We will remain the passive V6 community.. :flag: ....................LOL!!
  3. I mounted mine in the trunk on the passenger side. More room over there. Plus, more weight on the tire that needs it. I'll just leave the bottle open on the weekends and whatnot. That way I just flick the switch! scrming mentioned a remote bottle opener? Hmmm...
  4. So using this Zex kit, what else exactly would it take to get a V6 '05 down to mid 12's?
  5. Just to swap the stock rear-end to Trac-LOK for street tires, or a Detroit Locker for Slicks...

    Slicks Application



    Street tires Application



    Ford Racing

  6. So basically for under $1,000 if installed by the owner one could have a V6 stang that runs mid 12's? Wow! :flag:

  7. Yes Sir!! Thinkin about adding an addition to the family?

    Another guy in your same shoes took the plunge!! He is quite happy!! :nice:

  8. To do it right it would be under $2000. You're going to need a tuner to adjust the timing for the higher levels of nitrous. A dyno tune would also be a smart move. You'll want to invest in a strong diff, gears and slicks/drag radials. Making that much power, you'll sit and spin at the line and you won't hit 12s.

    Nitrous = $600
    Tuner = $400
    Diff = $350
    Gears = $200
    Slicks/Drag radials = $300
    Dyno tune = $150
    Total = $2000

    This is assuming you do all the work yourself. You may want to add for someone else to do the rearend work because most people can't do that themselves, $200. An axle girdle would be nice too, $150. Now we're talking $2350. If you add a CAI and exhaust(like most people do), you're creeping up on $3000 or more.

  9. Jimp is correct if you plan on racing for money, or joining the NHRA.. But for normal guys like you and me, and Jimp, we will just Slap on the nitrous, throw in the differential, and maybe use the stock computer calibration for awhile.. This will atleast still beat a stock GT... Plus, the most fun part is getting all of this over time.. Nobody wants to throw $2500 bucks at it right away.. LOL!! But Jimps right.. But the main thing is knowing you have a clear path before you buy the car, and all the fun you will have as you make plans to get it done! :D
  10. awesome another owner here with an svt cobra :)

    Tlok $169
    sct2 $365
    zex $540
    dyno tune $180 (1½hr here)
    total $1254
    of course youd have to spend a couple hundred on better tires, because u will never run 12's on those oem tires, not without SERIOUS mods to make up for your launch.

    For now i just want my sct2 and tlok put in. Then maybe in a few months (xmas??) ill do zex

  11. Not me personally since I already have the '03, but a kid I know who has a V6 might be willing to try this once his warrenty is up, he always says he just wants to be a little faster then a V8 stang and he would be happy. :D
  12. Sounds like a cool kid! :nice: And smart to wait until the warrenty is up.


    P.S. Post pics of the 03 Cobra Vert in talk if you would. :D I have a passionate addiction to the SVTs... :p Thanks
  13. The thing is to get the car to "learn" you have to put the car in the "On" position... which I think means the fuel pump is on... which mean you could end up spraying just gas.... So I could end up with a puddle of gas in my intake... not real exicted about that! LOL! I could disconnect the fuel line that goes to the jet... (stick in in a bottle or something... LOL)

  14. So did we solve the problem yet Champ! :nice: I saw your 1st place finish on the other thread.. LOL!! Damn Scrming, you want everything first huh! LOL!! No problem with me.. :D
  15. do you even sleep??? LOL!

    Well, i thought I had it.... threw a wrench light this morning! ARGH!! Pullled over, stop/start car.. tried it a couple of times seemed ok...Gonna call Zex today see if they have any ideas... I'm finding hard to believe it''s a loose connection.... The TBS for the TPS applies to cars built before something like 11/29/04... so I wonder if my TPS is just not quite up to spec or something... I may take the printout of the TBS and have them install a new TPS.. I'll give Lidio a call and see what he thinks too.... And in the mean time I'll redo the connection! LOL!
  16. I gave him the idea to wait until the warrenty is up, especially on a car that is the first year of its style. Who knows, at 42,102 miles the fuel pump in every car may explode. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I only have one good picture of my car (I really need to take more), so I'll just post it up here for you:


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  17. nice cobra, how ya like it? :)

    scrming, im 99% sure even if your car qualifies for the TSB the dealer wont honor just because you tapped into the wire(s) going into it. At least i know the dealers around here wouildnt.
  18. Mine is doing fine so far. I've been checking all of my lines and no leaks so far. No CEL or wrench so far. Looks like I'll have to go to another city to fill the nitrous bottle though. I'm going to ask the wife to drop it off tomorrow, she'll love that idea! :rlaugh:
  19. LOL.... Oh yeah Jimp. There is a honey do for the wife. "Hey babe, I need some new socks, some gatorade and Oh, yeah... Get the Zex filled for me sexy (spanks her on the butt)."... Yep. She'll be ready for some real lovin' then.

    Nice 'Bra 03 SVT! Mmmmm...

    Hey scrming,

    Although there is an issue with the TPS in the TSB, there is also an upload to the PCM/EEC that goes along with it. I am wondering if since this is occuring under WOT that you are encountering a A/F error now. Last thing I recall you saying is that you unhooked the Zex by snipping the connection to the TPS and got no Codes.

    Did you get a chance to get Lidio to look at it. I would venture to guess that if you were to look at the A/F curve on that you are riching out at WOT.

    Couple other things to consider on this. THe GT kit is set to fire at the Spark Plug gap of the GT of .040" - .050" up to 75HP Shot safely. The Spark Plug gap for anything above that will need to be closed up or new plugs that run for a colder heat range and have a proper ground strap design for nitrous use. According to Zex this is .030" to .035". Stock 4.0L V-6 gap is .052" - .054".

    Have you had a retune for timing retardation? The kit specs for a timing retardation of 2 degrees for every 50 HP worth of nirtous used. I could be wrong. But, unless you have returned that mofo and have taken into account mods + zex, you could have a tad bit of a mess coming your way.

    If you have had the tune, then it could very well be the splicing. THe NMU could be damaged due to the initial installation and splicing into the TPS.


  20. It's fun, especially being a Vert. It isn't quite as fast, but it's nice for cruising, plus I need the extra headroom. The only bad thing is everywhere I go someone tries to race me. :rolleyes: