Zex GT kit installed!

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  1. Just to clarify things.....

    When I get the wrench light, the Zex system isn't even on! I haven't even filled the bottle yet! It is a very intermitent problem... I can see it on the datalogger. I've been on the phone most of the day with Zex... Something is causing the computer to see a unexpected drop in the TPS voltage.... Like I said this is with the Zex unit OFF! It's almost like the unit has some kind of occasional short in it...

    Waiting for Zex to call me back again...
  2. OKAY-OKAY.. Geez John.... GOT IT! This is part of the panic in playing. Breath, it will be okay, all will get worked out.

    Sorry for trying TO HELP.... (And stop your screaming :D )

  3. Did you double check your ground?

    This is just frustrated!!!! LOL!

    The unit isn't even on... LOL! Ok... I rerouted the wire from the NCU to the TPS sensor.. we had it bundled in with the steel braided lines and stuff... So far so good... Took it out for test drive... no wrench light.. I did how ever managed to get pulled over... seems I didn't notice the cop car behind as I went WOT a few times... OOOPS!!! Luckily I live in Saginaw so there was a robbery and the nice police officer had to leave before he could write me a ticket! He just said, "It's your lucky day... SLOW DOWN!" Thank you Mr. Officer!

    Ok.. back to the problem at hand... the solenoids are clicking as expected... hopefully tomorrow will be no wrench lights... and the UPS guy just dropped off my Zex Racers Package!!! Heater, guage, purge, blowdown tube... WOOOHOOO!!!

    Ok... I'm sorry if if you thought I was yelling, Jenn... I just wanted everyone to know it was with the system off... LOL
  5. Well.. You see that after you quoted the post that I edited it, before your response. LOL

    I know it is frustrating and when this stuff happens the fight or flight response kicks in along with the extra changes of underwear.

    Sounds like you are doing good. :) Tammy will not kill you yet!

  6. Corresponded with Cleveland who is a member here and has the same Zex kiton the 05-GT pushin 365RWHP.. He recommends keep the insertion point as close to 6" in. as possible, from the TB..
  7. Good news! Mine is right at 6" away from the TB.

  8. Is it possible that you have a bad Zex TPS unit? Maybe it got dropped, before you got it? Jimps not having a problem, and I trust that you installed it properly.. I think the unit is bad.. Contact the seller, and see if they will exchange it for you.. Just the TPS unit..

    03 SVT VERT

    Nice car man!! Nice mellow color to! :nice:


    I really expected more shots of your car.. Like nice full side shots, rear, and inside.. Your gettin lazy man!! Maybe your girl has got you worn out! LOL!! Put up some pics FazzyWazzy83!! :D
  9. It figures! LOL!! You seem to always know what to do! LOL! :nice:

    Dont you think its possible that Scrming's unit could be defective? There is no other explanation..
  10. I think he's got a bad connection somewhere, I'm thinking it's the ground. Seeing as how it's not happening all the time. But I could be wrong.
  11. You know, it wouldnt hurt for you to take a pic of yours, and the way its connected, and grounded, and for scrming to do the same..

    It just couldnt hurt.. I dont know why you guys wont take detailed pictures.. We know yours is working correctly.. Scrmings has some type of problem with connections or just a bad unit..

    I say take some pics, so we can compare..
  12. Well, mine was fine for a few days... LOL!

    I'm thinking it was possibly a bad unit too... but... It I did the dry test in the drive way.. the unit works fine..... I even re-programmed it... Now I did reroute the white TPS wire from the unit... Everyone thinks I'm crazy but I think running the wire along side the steel braided supply lines was mysteriously introducing some kind of interference... with the vinyls zip ties maybe it was building up some static electricty... I don't know... But since I snipped the zip ties and moved it I haven't had the wrench light.... We'll see what tomorrow brings...

    Here's a picture of where I grounded the unit... Of course I would be surprised that ground would be a problem with the unit off... hmmm...

    ground wire

  13. I dont like the ground.. The bracket is painted, and is not forming a suitable ground.. Please try and strip the paint under the washer, with a small knife and re-connect it.. Thats the problem... Jimp was right Scrming!!
  14. All ya really need to do is go buy a $10 voltmeter and check the voltage between power and that ground, if its 12V its going to be a good ground, eliminate it that way before you go tryin many diff grounds and scraping paint.

  15. Sounds Fair!
  16. Clean install. You have a sleeper on your hands. :nice:
  17. I don't know. I have my grounds(one from the switch and one from the NMU) on top of an existing ground next to the wipers. I had to pull up the plastic cover over the ground. I didn't get a good pic so I didn't post it. I know that's a good ground because it's used from the factory. Check and make sure you have a good crimp on the eyelet(s). You should have stripped 1/4" of the wire and make sure you crimped on the wire and on the insulation, there should have been two crimps. And you have to make sure you don't crimp it so hard you damage the wire. Do a pull test, you shouldn't be able to pull the wire out easily. It may NOT be the ground, I may be way off base. But that's the first thing I'd check.

  18. I will double check the ground today... I did buy a voltmeter yesterday at Zex's suggestion... they wanted to verify the the YELLOW wire was really the right TPS wire on the V6... LOL!

    Like I said the oddest part is this happens when the Zex is turned off... so I'ld be very surpised it could be the ground??? But like I said.. I'll check...

    thanks guys...
  19. Ok... I romp on it mutliple times on the way to work this morning.. (making sure there is no law enforcement agents behind me... LOL) Car is running fine... cool.... Just before I get to work #[email protected]$*&() wrench light... This time it only turns on the wrench light and no CEL... Pull over stop/restart car.. everything is fine... I romp on it a few time before I get to my parking spot... no problem... I double check the ground.. it definitely is good... wire is very tightly crimped and the bolt is definitly giving it a good ground...

    I'm going to Lidio's tomorrow.. I'll ask him how much of a drop or spike in the TPS voltage causes a wrench light.... perhaps he can widen the gap... LOL!

    At this point I'm thinking I need a new NCU... Hopefully this one will work fine tomorrow on the dyno... LOL!

    Oh... I learned something yesterday... When you take your bottle to get filled... make sure it is cool... Mine was hot from being in the trunk... The guy said he would have to wait until it cooled down to fill it... suggested putting it in a cooler next time I bring it it... He said it's just way to hard to fill a warm/hot bottle.... and it's really hard on their filling equipment... so they don't fill warm bottle anymore... So I left the bottle there and told him I'ld be back to pick it up Wednesday morning... Sooooooo... if you are in a hurry to fill your bottle... put in on ice for the trip to the store! LOL!
  20. Ok... for future reference... incase anyone else ever has this issue... LOL!

    Here is what my X-Cal2 capture on the Throttle Position.... The 2nd WOT is the one that had the problem...

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