Zex install msd windown switch

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  1. I've already searched and didn't find what I needed.

    98 pi swapped gt.

    Kit is installed, wired and comes on. The very first time we flipped the switch the "teach" it the tps range for the wot switch, it acted as though it had already "learned" the values. We tried to press the button on the box to re learn and nothing. So we turned the box off, then back on.... .click click click click click click..... the solenoids started firing at closed throttle. So we turned the box off again. Then back on. We were able to "teach" it the wot position this time but now the box won't click when u hit wot. The solenoids don't seem to be firing. Everything is hooked up correctly and we have the correct tps wire (1-5volts depending on throttle input). Thats issue one.

    Issue two is the msd digital window switch doesn't seem to be responding to anything. The box comes on and goes through the start up mene telling u what rpms are currently selected for the on/off and what cylinder mode its in.... but it won't let us do anything else past that. U cannot select anything nor can you go into different modes. We also cannot find what wire to tap into on the stang to get accurate rpm readings but the shouldn't effect the box from changing settings.

    Do I just have the worst luck and have two bad items or am I so stup!d that I can't hook up 3 wires and should turn in my man card right away?

    We trouble shot this for about 2 hours yesterday and this is where we stand. Everything powers up like it should (except the rpm readings as that wire is not hooked up yet).

    Help please. This is my first n2o install, but its really id10t proof (or so I thought).

    Too add to this since I know the msd window switch won't allow the zex to operate unless in the certain rpm range:

    I jumped the ground on the zex (temp ground wire) so it would operate and we could program the tps and ensure it hits before the window switch got tossed into the mix.

    I have the ground on the zex wired to the yellow on the msd window switch per the instructions. (other than the temp ground i have to operate the zex box outside of the switch, that will be removed after the zex kit works on its own).
  2. use the multicolored wire on the fuel injector for the rpms. you could use the multicolored one on the coil, but it doesnt really give a good signal, i tried that, sometimes it would read the right rpms other times it just says 0 lol.

    to program the switch turn it on and hold down both buttons until it says pr0.
  3. Which buttons are you refering to? The "up/down" buttons? or the Mode and another?

    I tried to "test" the injector wire. I don't use the "red" one but rather the other colored one correct? What volt range should I look for when testing it?
  4. After thinking about it further and looking up how others have done it (via interweb). I think I'm going to run the zex ground all the way to the chasis ground and use the yellow wire off of the msd box (controls what rpm the ground is supplied) to run to a relay for the tps wire to the zex box. That seems the best way to do it so the box doesn't kick on and off like it will now with my current wiring job... oops.

    Anyway, I still have to get the solenoids to fire before I can do that....
  5. oh im sorry, i misread thought u said the zex window switch. and i tested the injector wire by just splicing in and connecting it to the switch to see if it read an rpm, but my switch is different, i have a dynotune window switch, almost identical to the zex one.

    i think you would be better off wiring it like the instructions say, after you get the solenoids and tps to work correctly that is, when i was wiring mine i had many problems with the way i wired it, but it ended up being just i didnt understand the instructions like i thought, finally got it right tho


    edit: oh and yea its the multicolored one not the red one
  6. TTT...
    Anymore input?