Zex install...thoughts on running the feed line in the car?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DMAN302, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. As stated...thoughts on title topic? Also should I be running an inline fuse from the control box to the toggle?
  2. From what I have seen, most run it thru the car with no problems. Can answer the fuse question I have never messed with any zex stuff, but I doubt it would hurt
  3. Silly questions looking back..never a bad idea to run a fuse IMO. As for the feed line..just can't see any reason to plow two holes into the body when possibility of damaging a braided steel line in the car is near impossible IMO without trying pretty hard.
  4. I run my nitrous line through the interior of my car. It enters the engine bay through a grommet in my firewall.
  5. Absolutely fine, nitrous is not flammable and if it starts to leak you can smell it...even if you get in a crash it probably wont end up leaking inside of the car.
  6. Just wondering which side the grommet is on the foxes? either passenger or driver...on my 94 I ran it under my back seats, under the little side panel and up the driver side through the grommet, then across the back of the engine bay to where I mounted my solenoids on the passenger side by the strut tower.