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    So, this came into the mail today.......
    Im in a pickle for which car to put it in.
    My 03GT, Intake, Exhaust with 104K miles
    My 98GT, with almost everything and a tuner with about 65k on the block.

    I really want it on my 03, and if I do, im going to put a 75 shot on there, and eventually 100 shot with 100 octane fuel tuned for it (ive heard too many inconsistencies with 91 octane fuel here in CA.

    I also got a blow down kit, bottle warmer and purge kit coming in.

    I know if i put it on my 98, i can push more out of her than my 03.

    But Nitrous people come in. Fill my head with nonsense :rolleyes:
  2. i wouldnt put it on my daily driver, what ever one you dont daily drive, thats where it would be :nice:
  3. why not daily driver? I dont plan on using it everyday....
  4. Put it on the 03 and buy a sct sf3 from am and get a free tune for a 100 shot. My am tune on 100shot works great!
  5. I was planning on having it professionally tuned on a dyno. I want to make sure theres not going to be any pinging while running this kit. However, AM's tune with a 100 shot. Is that with 91 octane? 93 Octane? Because my 100 Shot will be tuned for 100 octane.
  6. of course you dont plan on using it everyday, nobody does, the next thing you know you will be in the trunk opening the bottle ever time you drive the car...lol it's addicting!
  7. Bad ass man. I went through the feeling you're going through a couple of months ago.

    100 octane is expensive and not going to be fun to fill the car up with when you want to spray. If that's the case, I'd put it on the '98 and let it rip. If the '03 is the DD I'd leave it as that.

    Wouldn't worry about mileage if your engines are in good shape. I'm spraying with 143k on a 75 shot and it's a blast. Engine doesn't give a **** so far, lol.
  8. I had a mustang shop install my bottle warmer and plate kit so it was done right. The tune is on 100 oct and they check the tune and air to fuel.
  9. Thanks for your imput guys. this gets me even more excited. As far as the install, GTR High Performance is going to be doing the installation and tuning. Im going to have two tunes. One for a 75 shot on 91 octane. and one for 100 shot on 100 octane. So, the only time ill be seeing 100 shots is at the track or if i have a wild hair growing out of my ass one night.

    The only reason why I dont want to put it on my 98 is because i want to do a turbo or supercharger set up on there. And as 98Cobra281 said, how spraying will turn into a habit. It might not because I dont want to just carry the bottle around everywhere I go.

    04GTBLKVERT, what kinda of bolt-ons do you have ? and what kinda numbers are you pushing with the 100 shot ?

    BurningRubber, same with u, what kinda bolt ons and numbers are you pushing with the 75 shot?
  10. Jlt fender, PP 75mm t-body and plenum, pypes o/r x, magnapacks, frpp 410, sct sf3, nitto nto5r, eibach lowering springs and eibach shocks and struts. Its going to the dyno in week or two cuz my shop is finishing up edelbrock manifold, fuel rails and lines. I just didn't want to pay a dyno fee twice but I will post up numbers soon.
  11. Then slap it on the '03 and let 'er rip, lol.

    I carry the bottle in the car at all times for now. Once it gets warmer I'm going to have to see what the PSI is at from the bottle sitting in a hot car. At that point, I'll probably have to take it out so it doesn't over pressurize. The good news is once it's hot out, I won't need a bottle warmer, lol.

    As far as my mods: K&N intake, 75mm throttle body, ported plenum, UPR x-pipe, MAC catback, 4.10 gears, Diablosport Predator.

    On motor it put down 258/314. I don't have numbers for the 75 shot yet, but I would estimate 330/380-400 or so.The torque feels awesome. I hit it last night from a 3rd roll and it broke loose a little bit.
  12. :hail2: I'm really happy to hear those kinda numbers. Illl keep you guys posted on progress of this. :flag:
  13. Well, like I said those are just estimates but they should be very close as my kit is rated at the wheels.

    100 shots usually lay down 360-380rwhp and 430-480tq from what I've seen. That's where the fun is at... I REALLY want to put the 100 jets in, lol.

    It's an awesome feeling when it hits... you get your normal WOT exhaust screaming and then once the kit kicks on it just gets SUPER pissed sounding and really magnifies the exhaust note.
  14. go with the 100 shot and dont worry about 100 octane, run premium and have a good tune, Im running the same kit on my car, i have a H/C/I swap as well, put down 426rwhp and 474rwtq on a 100 shot i actually made a lil more than the 100rwhp the jets are rated at, the 75 will leave you wanting more.
  15. I really wanna run 100 shot ready to go on premium fuel. Im going to be going with an SCT tuner this time. But, ill see how well the tuner guy does when he tunes the baby. He's one of the best out here.