Zex Nitrous Install Help 2

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  1. Hi guys, I'm in the process of installing the Zex kit on my 07 GT but am having some difficulty and could use some help. I thought I had it all good to go but I keep blowing fuses when I hit the switch to arm the unit. I cant figure out why this is happening?! Has anyone installed this kit on their car? Where did you run your power source from? I have mine coming from a 10 amp fuse in the fuse box directly to the switch and then from the switch to the nitrous management unit. Anyone with knowledge in wiring is very welcome to give their ideas. Thanks, Chris
  2. Um not sure on the differences in years, but most nitrous systems draw 20amps. Not ten... someone correct me here if im wrong please.

  3. I have this kit on my 06 GT and I have the hot running from the battery with the stock inline fuse inline with the hot. I havent had a fuse blow yet. Is the fuse blowing in the fuse box or the inline fuse that came with the kit?
  4. It's blowing in the fuse box. I have it coming from a 10 amp fuse. It says to attach it to a 10 amp fuse but the inline fuse that came with the kit is 15 amps.? I am ignorant when it comes to wiring for the most part. I think I'm gonna run the wire from the battery to the switch then to the NMU. Where Do you install the inline fuse? I did install the fuel rail adapter before I programmed the NMU. Could this be the possible culprit? Also Steedastang do you have the Traction Control Window switch? I'm having problems getting that to work too. Thanks guy
  5. Actually I just had a look at my wiring and we wired it from an all time hot wire behind the radio to the ARM switch and wired the inline fuse between the ARM switch and the NMU.

    I dont see how installing the Fuel Rail Adapter would matter as we installed mine first as well.

    I dont have the traction control window switch so i cant help you there. I just have the pruge line, bottle warmer, and remote opener so i can help with those if you got them as well.
  6. The thing thats making this so difficult is that I have a custom switch panel from Sound of Speed that I'm trying to use here. I basically have to rewire everything to getr it to work with these switches. It's really complicating the install. I'm going to run the arming switch directly from the battery and then install an inline fuse from the switch to the NMU. I will let you know what happens when I do this. thanks
  7. if its the cup holder delete one then i have the same panel. I hooked the hot directly to the arm switch and then ran the other 3 switches to that so that they would only work if the system was armed. why tempt turning on the warmer, bottle opener, or purge switches if the line is not armed.. atleast that is how my setup is...
  8. You have the same switch panel as I. I got the arming system working. Now I have to figure out how to get the traction control switch to work inline with the arming switch. Thanks for your help bro:nice:
  9. Hey Steedastang or anyone else, do you have any idea which wire on the TPS is the " Signal Output wire"? I cant get the Traction Control Window Switch to turn on even though its definately getting power. The only thing I can think is that I hooked it to the wrong wire on the TPS.
  10. i would think it is the same wire you hooked the NMU to in order to get the WOT signal from the TPS....
  11. Yeah thats what I thought and I connected it there. Just dont understand why I'm not getting anything from it. Hmm, I will keep trying. Thanks
  12. I got the Traction Control Window Switch working but I can only get it to work when I connect it to its own power source. If I try to power it off another source it doesnt come on. I dont know how this will affect anything when I'm not running the nitrous. I was trying to run it off the arming switch so that it comes on when I need it. How will it know when I'm using the bottle or not? It has me confused. :shrug:
  13. If I understand how the traction control switch works it just interrupts the signal from your TPS to the NMU until it hits the limits you program. So should not affect regular driving. I am looking at completing my install on my car - where did you hook it to get the tach signal?
  14. The green wire on the passenger rear coil pack
  15. the signal output on the TPS is the yellow wire and the one i installed i got the power source fron the lighter cigar port inside arm rest