Zex Nitrous Kit Compatability ?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by bonestock87, May 10, 2008.

  1. I bought what was supposed to a Zex Nitrous kit that was supposedly taken off of a '98 GT. Now that I'm going through everything I see that it is kit # 82015 which is for a return style fuel system. :( Is there any way to make this work on my '03 GT? The instructions call for one of the lines to run to the fuel pressure regulator, obviously I ain't got one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. The 82015 ZEX kit is a dry kit which use nothing on the fuel side for the nitrous kit. You just hook up the kit run a nitrous line and thats it, no tapping into fuel lines, maybe you have the wrong part #. I google zex 82015 and its a dry kit.
  3. Thanks for the advice SoniStang. The only problem is that even the dry system has to have input from a fuel source. In this kit's case, the fuel pressure regulator. That's what tells it all is well before it will spray. I've contacted Zex with an e-mail to ask how to incorporate this kit onto my car. I've discovered that the kit that is designed for my '03 has a fuel rail adapter and the nozzle has 2 feed lines, a nitrous and a fuel line. This makes it a wet kit, so hopefully I'll still be able to use the brain and just buy the wet kit's nozzle another line for the fuel and the fuel rail adapter.
  4. Thanks a bunch for that pic SonicStang! :hail2:

    So correct me if I'm wrong. The two lines on the left side of the Zex "brain" are fuel and nitrous heading to the spray nozzle. The NOS solenoid is for your purge (so where is it purging? Looks like out the front somewhere). And of course that is where your bottle feed is coming at, right? What my kit doesn't have is that L fitting that is tying into your fuel rail, which by the way what sensor is that on top of where that line is going in? What does confuse me is where is that line heading? seems like its going to the right, under the car?? And lastly, what is that second line coming in on the right side of the brain box?

    Thanks for being patient with my ignorance! :)
  5. The fuel line from the fuel rail feeds the brain, it ties into the brain beside the nitrous feed, the second line you were asking about, and your right, my purge is out front coming out of my pony. The fuel line looks like its going under the car but it goes down and rolls back up into the brain. I guess the sensor is for the computer to moniter fuel pressure. Hope this helps.
  6. You have no idea, I really appreciate it!:flag:
  7. Yeah man anytime. One day I might need your help, never know. I stay on :SNSign: :SNSign: more than any other website. Hope you get to spraying, I love nitrous, its a supercharger in a bottle. Its very addicting, I have had it on 2 of my cars and never had any problems. :D
  8. That was what the guy said that I bought the kit from, that it is extremely addictive. I think what I'll have the most fun with is purging the line at the blue civic si that rev's his motor at me almost every morning after I drop my kid off at school. :D

    Yeah, I'll be glad to help anytime I can. I don't get on here as much as I used to. 2 kids and 1 on the way, plus I started a new job that is kicking my @$$!

    Again, much appreciation man!
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