ZEX nitrous kit question

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  1. Im thinking about getting a zex nitrous kit still debating on wet or dry and I was wondering running there kit and only spraying 50-75 am I still going to need to get a tune?
  2. I run a Zex dry kit with a 100 shot, and it works very well. The power is there when you want it and not when you don't. I don't think you'll be satisfied with a 50 shot for very long if at all, so I recommend starting with 75 and going from there. You definitely can go without a tune, but I recommend making sure that everything is done safely and right. A new fuel pump is a good idea as are colder spark plugs, so is a window switch for that matter.
  3. Go big or go home. :D

    BTW - I have the dry kit, but would recommend the wet kit. As you get to larger jets you don't have to worry about switching back and forth on the tune as much.

    For example with my stock engine I left the car a 6* timing all the time. I kept my plugs colder and gapped less. I had 24lb injectors. Even still to run the 125 shot correctly and safely I had to manually crank up the fuel pressure. N/A the car didn't like this. So N/A performance suffered. With a wet kit I wouldn't have had to worry about it.
  4. Well the dry kit, at least the zex kit I had (dry kit) increased fuel pressure when it activated. So I think it depends on what kit your getting. I personally like the zex kit. Im not a fan of the wet kit because I don't like the idea of injecting raw fuel into the intake. The only exception I would make is a direct port injected wet kit, but a kit like that gets real expensive.
  5. It increases fuel pressure to an extent. Mine did not increase it enough. I had to manually raise it from 39 - 43 on the 125 shot.
  6. Anyone know what jets are needed for a 50 shot? (with zex)
  7. You wont need a tune to run the kit you can always move the dizzi back to 6 or 8 deg's for the higher HP jets. The problem is with the factory rev limiter is around 5700 and you don't want to hit the factory rev limiter with a wet kit. I bet you already have razed rev limiters if you have a Lasota racing chip

    A 255 intank and autolight #23 plugs and a window switch are a must
    I would also get a ZEX RACERS TUNING KIT
    With 50 to 75 jets I would run full timing
    You can use a Mallory 685 spark box it has a built in window switch and rev limiters