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  1. Fellas, what spark plugs are you using for the zex nitrous kit for a 100hp shot? Only plugs I have found so far are from ford racing and are really expensive?
  2. autolite hto is a heat range lower but check with zex first expect to pay around $80 a set
  3. +1 for the autolite plugs.. luckily for me when i ordered my ZEX kit from brenspeed he threw in the plugs for free :nice:
  4. That was extremly nice of him, 80 plus dollars of product for free.. Awesome...
  5. Ok thanks for the feedback! One more question to confirm...You are running the 100hp shot?? The reason I ask is that one tech from zex said I need spark plugs 1 step colder and another tech from zex said I need 2 steps colder. Although I have had NO luck finding any 2 steps colder spark plugs. :bang:
  6. I thought that you only needed to change the spark plugs when you were going 125 or more?
  7. Ok, below is a quote from the man himself. I must say that I have purchased a lot of parts for my Mustang and many of these aftermarket people just do not know anything. Usually, I am just happy if the Correct parts get to me within a month. The only smooth transaction I have had was with my custome tune from Doug at Bamachips. I have never delt with someone so customer oriented and I give him some huge props!:nice:

    Hey Marshall,

    There's not a plug that's two steps colder is why you cant find one. The Autolite HT0's are the only plug out other then the factory heat range. Get these and you'll be good to go.

    Thanks Doug
  8. Well I did buy about 1200 bucks worth of stuff with that order so that is why he threw them in for free :nice:
  9. Damn my luck, I just spent 1500+ bucks with Breenspeed and had to pay for my plugs!!! I did get a few small discounts on some parts and discounted tunes.