Zex Nitrous Kit

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  1. I am going to be getting the Zex Nitrous Kit off ebay for $475 with shipping included with the 75-125 jets. Is this a good deal? Also, what other parts should I get for the kit to make sure it is reliable? If I only spray a 75 shot would you suggest changing the fuel pump or any other safety precautions? Thanks in advance!

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  2. Also will I need any other directions for the install or will the directions that come with the kit suffice? Also I am moderately good with tools and I have my friend who is on par with me and my dad knows some stuff too. Will I be able to do the install myself?
  3. the install is fairly easy. as far as whether it is a good deal or not, if it isnt brand new i would not pay that much. summit sells the kit for $509. i ran a 75 shot with a completely stock fuel system, intake, full exhaust, t/b, and cai. i went from 230.2hp and 293.2lb/ft to 280.8hp and 361.7lb/ft on the bottle. the car was running extremely lean at that point though. i would recommend an adjustable fpr at the very least.
  4. Thanks for the Reply and yes the kit is new. How much does a fpr run for and is it necessary? Also does anyone know if a window switch comes with the kit?
  5. arent all n2o kits the same? i think if you found one for a civic you could put it on your stang if you had the right lines. may want to check up on that tho
  6. I know the Zex kits are. I got one for Christmas and it was an import kit. All I had to buy were the correct jets. That cost me about $10

    no a window switch does not come with the kit. I also had to buy that extra.

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  7. Why do you want a window switch? I mean just run it like its meant to be run, Full Throttle.

    If you run it that way the management unit will hook right up to your TPS sensor and thats that... All you do is arm it... and when you hit full throttle it sprays.

    It is very simple to install.. The toughest parts are finding a good place to mount the box and finding a good place to put the switch.... When i did mine i drilled a hole in my cigerette tray and put the switch in it... (I Don't suggest doing that if you smoke)

    Then there is were to place the bottle and run the lines... I will tell you the easiest thing to do is go to the hardware store and buy some short lag bolts... Then you predrill the 4 small holes for the tank and then just screw in the lag bolts... As far as running the main line just run it next to your fuel lines... Use lots and lots of zip ties...
  8. the window switch will save your motor incase you miss a shift. It's a safety measure.

    My switch was setup to only kick the nitrous on after 3000rpm and shut it off at 5800rpm.....even if your WOT before or after that. You don't want the n2o flowing when you miss a shift and hit the rev limiter
  9. I find the window switch to be completely unneccessary... If you miss a shift its only a split second before you realize and react to it...

    Just as when your system stops spraying at 5800 rpms its a split sec before all the nitous is completely through the intake and heads.

    I have used my zex kit both on my stock motor and my stroker... It would take an idoit to ruin the motor by having it run up against the rev limiter too long...

    I have missed a few shifts running nitrous but with a little 75-125 dry shot it would take awhile to do damage even if you were hitting the rev limiter...

    Thats why zex is considered one of the safest kits on the market...

    You guys can add in the window switch if you like but personally i find it to be pointless.

    I will say if you had a good enough tranny and you powershifted it would be useful, other then that there really isn't a need.