Zex Nitrous Kit

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  1. Hey i am looking to put nitrous on my 05 I am looking at the Zex, I was wondering will I need a tune for a 175 shot and if so could I go to any dyno shop and get a tune or do I have to buy a stupid Tuner, if anyone could answer my question I would really appreciate it. Oh almost forgot the motor is stock
  2. I wouldnt go past the 75 shot setting with the stock tune and 91 octane fuel. Seems like some people with the 125 shot setting are melting spark plugs and having to go one step colder. As far as the tuner goes, just part of modding your car. Good luck to ya. :nice:
  3. Yes you will need a tune. That is alot of juice to run on an untunned engine. You would be seeing melted pistons if your future if you don't get it tuned.
  4. Step 7: Check Fuel Quality & Ignition Timing
    The last thing to do before enjoying your new nitrous system is to ensure that premium fuel (92 R/M Octane or
    better) is in the fuel tank and that your ignition timing is programmed correctly. All recommended ignition
    timing retard amounts, in the Tune-Up Specs, are calculated off of the base, stock ignition table. It is not
    recommended to go above 75hp without an ECU reprogram, designed for nitrous. If the correct ignition timing
    program is not used for the higher horsepower settings, severe engine damage may occur from detonation.
    That is from the instructions on the 2005 Mustang kit.
    I really don't like ZEX instructions but you get the point from this paragraph.
  5. Cool guys thanks for the info, Ill get the kit and take in down to anderson ford and get it tuned thanks again
  6. Anything over a 100 shot you'll need a tune and one step colder spark plugs. Also, I wouldn't run anything over a 125 shot, personally. Too much risk that you might blow something up.
  7. especially w/stock rotating assy!
  8. You cant get a tune without a "stupid" hand held tuner guy.
    Those settings have to be applied to the PCM somehow......