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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by bstang10, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone hows it going. I recently just traded in my 07gt for the new 2010 gt and I absolutely love it! kept most of my mods on the car when I sold it but I took off the nitrous kit. Now I need extra cash so I can start doing things to the new one :D So that means I gotta let the nitrous kit go. This kit is complete with everything needed to install it I promise. I only ran it at the track and thats it. The bottle is scuffed up only because of it sitting in the braces but everything else is in great shape. I also bought Zex remote bottle opener, rpm switch, dual purge kit, bottle pressure gauge, HTO autolite plugs, and a fuel pressure safety switch all of these have never used and still in there packages. I bought everything and then ended up buying the 2010 so I never got a chance to install them. Im asking $700 for everything and that includes shipping as well. I also have a Autometer Wideband A/F gauge that is for sale as well. 250 shipped for that or I will let it all go including the gauge for $875 shipped or $825 for local pickup. Im selling it all together as a kit no parting out sorry, If it comes down to it I will but I wanna sell the whole thing together but I will sell the gauge seperate tho.

    the kit


    Fuel Pressure Safety Switch

    RPM Window Switch

    Dual Purge Kit

    Remote Bottle Opener

    Wideband A/F Gauges
  2. Bump! price dropped to 600 shipped! and gauge is now dropped to 200.
  3. alright guys last chance! I really dont wanna put it up on ebay cause im trying to give you guys a good deal. everything is brand new except for the actual nitrous kit its self but window switch, purge kit, remote bottle opener and spark plugs are all brand new and still in there boxes.
    Come on Guys! I know someone would like to have a nitrous kit for super cheap that i paid over 1200$ for brand new. So again 600 SHIPPED! and the gauge is still 200 aswell.
  4. I am interested in your zex kit...my email address is [email protected]. Sent you a pm....thanks.
  5. pm sent back!
  6. If you still have this kit please PM me! Highly interested!!
  7. Sorry for the late post but kit was sold to insnedrmr. Gauge still up for grabs tho.
  8. PM sent o guage
  9. ----------------------
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