Zex Nitrous

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustang351, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. I am fixing to order my Zex Nitrous tommorrow and my question is will a 125hp be too much on a 150,000 mile motor I will be using it every weekend.

    OH and has anyone run a 125 shot on a stock car and if so what are the ETs
  2. What convinced me in buying the zex kit was an article in a Mustang magazine where they put the zex kit on a 5.0 with like 125,000 miles and it ran strong. So, it was good enough for that car.

    When my car only had a cold air intake and exhaust I ran high 12's with the 125 shot. I also had to upgrade the fuel pump to a 255lph...
  3. Why not just spray the 75 shot? In the article mentioned above the 125 shot only made 20 hp more than the 125 shot.
  4. I was there when they shot that ZEX install on Michael Johnsons coupe in 5.0 Magazine a while back. I also saw the dyno runs and when they put the 125 shot on it popped the head gasket. Then they were there until 10:30 at night trying to put it back together so he could drive home.
  5. I think your talkin about another car than he is, the car in the mmff tech guide is Chris Winters GT but the car you mentioned is a good example of what could happen....If I had 1 car with 120k+ miles I don't think I could trust a 125shot except maybe a couple times at the track :D
  6. Oh ok. That is the one that came to my mind. I think it was the first article on the ZEX kit. I wouldn't trust it for long either.
  7. get a compression check to help determine the stability of your engine, that should give a idea of the wear. i would say 100 shot, to be safer and be prepared to build in the near future. nitrous every weekend will get rough.
  8. 125 is nothing, go for 150.
  9. I run 125 shot on my 150k motor. Of course me heads are o ringed which might help.
  10. I'm with Shorty - check out the integrity of the motor before you put the juice to it. Cranking compression numbers and a leak down test on any low cylinders. Does the car burn oil? If so how much (qts./miles)? If you're burning a quart every 1000-1500 miles (or worse), spraying it is only gonna speed up it's demise. Running compression numbers is a small investment to make to give you some idea that nothing untoward is gonna happen when you spray it. Note the increase in fuel pump size - the stock pump won't keep up with the fuel needs when you spray it. And if you run it lean under spray - well, it won't matter what kind of shape the engine was in - you'll hurt something.

  11. this is man to listen to, i would say that i and many other people take micheals advice to heart. just something to think about.
  12. I am sorry I have took so long to reply but I got my nitrous about 3 days ago. I have mounted the bottle in the hatch so far. But anyway I plan on just using the 75hp jet for now but no the engine does not burn any oil, I havent done a compression check yet but the car runs strong. We are going to hook all the lines and everything up today and then take it for a test drive. I will let all you know how it goes, If you dont here by me tonight then I am probably walking from blowing my engine to pieces:)
  13. I ran 100 dry shot on a stock motor from 129k to 149K until I added the blower. Never lost a gasket (stock) until the blower went on after about 8K miles on it. You can go the www.jrfuller.com to see my runs with it at 136K on the motor.