ZEX or GEARS? Help

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Rains, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Well, I want both but only want to pay for 1 :D

    what would you get if you had the choice??

    What would you have more fun with?

    Gears (3:55's) Installed 450.00
    ZEX (75-125 Kit) 479.99 I can Install

    what would you get?

    Also, how much would gears drop my 1/4 mile time??

  2. Gears.......

    w/ a kit you still have to fill it up when ever you run out and whats that going to cost you in the long run?????????
  3. I second the gears for the same reason striped mentioned.
  4. yea second that...youll feel a good change with gears.....not as much as nitrous Oxide (dedicated to my pal 1105) but.....My goal is to get to 300 rwhp and then mabye add a 100 shot forn those pesky corvettes
  5. Please don't call it that... you sound like the guys off the fast and the furious. Its called nitrous... NOS is a company that manes Nitrous Ozide Systems :rolleyes:
  6. I would get gears. Why are you only looking at 3.55's? I would go with at least 3.73's on a na car.
  7. Do gears, but not 3.55's. Do 3.73's or 4.10's
  8. 3.73's for a 5 spd, 4.10's for an auto :nice:

    Now if your running a blower, you'd probably want 3.55's for a 5spd, 3.73's or 3.90's for an auto
  9. gears gears gears gears

    Yea do the gears!

  10. If you put on a supercharger down the road and you have 4.10s your Fcked

    If your ever thinking of gowing blown then the highest you want to go is 3.73
  11. Gears will lower your quarter mile by about 5 tenths. You'll definitely feel it.
  12. That is when you put a taller tire on you car. lol. He dident say anything about a SC so that is why I suggested them, but I did not say you must get 4.10's.
  13. What everyone else said. Get some gears but at least 3.73 and maybe 4.10's.

  14. I realize that but you have to think about future mods to so your not going back and changing everything on the car b/c you dident set it up right in the first place. If you know for sure that your never going to put on a power adder then go for 4.10s. if your wishy washy on a power adder then stick to 3.55's or 3.73's b/c 4.10s in a blow car are worthless.
  15. Well said
  16. I say gears also. You said that you only wanna pay for one. That sounds to me like you are on a budget. When I bought my Zex kit I then had to buy a bunch of other parts to go with it(Bottle warmer, Purge kit, nitrous pressure gauge, window switch, sparkplugs, and a new intank fuel pump).
  17. LOL I guess it's decided, GEARS!

    I wanted to be conservative w/ 3:55's but now i guess i'll go with the 3:73's

    will i have to buy the aluminum driveshaft to go along with it?

    Oh, and do they really drop a hold half second in the 1/4???
  18. just a quick question on gears, will an auto with 410's rev too high at like 70 or 90 mph? sorry i didn twant to get ouf the subject, i'm thinkin gof gears myself too. dont really kno wwhat is stock on my 92 vert 5.0 for gears
  19. oh, and i do want to get blown in the future (only 6-8 PSI)
  20. 3.73's or 4.10's, depending on what your driving habits are... personal opinion ... zex=rice