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  1. well i found a really good deal on a zex dry kit. But i have heard really good things about NX wet kit. Should i pass on the $300 shipped for zex and get NX? Or bite the bullitt and buy the zex kit! It is for a 98gt!
  2. NX is well accepted and liked by many people which run nitrous.

    I was reading into the Zex kit before i received a FREE nos kit :shrug:

    MAy i ask if you found this deal on an actual site, or ebay?
  3. NX is the only nitrous id ever think about touching
  4. no its a guy from a classified! says its all there 100%. I want the NX kit b/c everyone seems to like them alot, but the zex kit is $200 cheaper.
  5. NX is a great kit, which i have seen and installed, but i've never seen a zex kit on a mustang. I like the idea of Zex though with the box.

  6. i was just reading in mm&ff (old one-bathrom material :) )& they put a 150 dry shot (nos system) & got a 101 rwhp gain from it. very good, but from everything else i've read & seen about nitrous a wet shot is the way to go. a dry shot of nitrous can puddle in the intake, which can = no more intake & hood :( especially with our plastic intakes. if it wasn't a dry kit i'd say go for it. i do believe a wet kit for 4.6's is a bit safer IMO
  7. I thought it was a wet kit that will most likely blow the intake if not careful! I know what issue your talking about i pulled it out the other day! That was a dry kit but it has a boost a pump that raises fuel pressure while spraying. I thik either way wet or dry will be safe up to a 100 shot w/ no fuel components. Also i am going to tenn. next week for the 40th ann. Should i wait and see whats there or buy the zex kit. even if i dont like the kit i could easily get my money back out if right!
  8. Wow, a weee bit of miss information here. :rolleyes: How does a "dry" anything puddle??

  9. to my knowledge the reason for it being called a dry shot is that it is not mixed directly with anything else. because you tap you air intake & spray before the t/b. a wet kit is actually dealing with the injectors, & being mixed in a more direct manner. & YES a dry shot can puddle if you spray to low. reason being is..... if you spray at a low rpm the engine might not have enough air flow to push the nitrous through the intake. don't let the phrase "dry shot" fool ya. so i don't believe i gave any mis-information :cool:
  10. A wet kit sprays nitrous AND fuel in front of the throttle body. No extra work for the injectors. Just spray and be happy, maybe use a timing adjuster to pull a degree or two if you want to stay safe.
  11. :rolleyes: :bang:

    WET KITS can puddle and cause intakes to blow, NOT dry kits. It's not the NITROUS that puddles, it's the FUEL. Since dry kits don't inject fuel along with the nitrous, there is no fuel in the intake that could puddle!

    Must be why I see people going to the Corral for real tech info...

  12. my bad i've been bassackwards & scatter brained all day :bang:
  13. Most people only think about the horsepower that nitrous adds, but the real killer is the TORQUE =) :nice:
  14. Yeah, check out some 100 shot dynos on bolt-on GT's. 400's, even into the 500's on torque. :drool:
  15. NX is the only thing I would consider exposing my stang too ;)
  16. Except for that new ZEX purge with the LED light in it. :nice:

    Reason for not being rice: You have teh juice.
  17. NX express

    An intake is cheaper than running lean on the pistons.