ZEX users please chime in!

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  1. I am getting ready to install my black out kit. I have read all the directions twice and started looking at possible placement for the kit. I am looking for suggestions and pics (please) for management unit placement and bottle placement. It seems as though I need to mount the management unit on the passenger side due to line length. My question is where? The passenger side is real busy and short of useing zip ties to mount it, I am lost. Second every pic of a car with nitrous I see has the bottle on the passenger side of the trunk. Is this the best location? Also should I use bolts and nuts or the large sheet metal shrews it came with? Is there anything I need to wory about below that side, ie the fuel tank or lines? Do I neeed to run the supply line under the car or is under the carpet and through the firewall acceptable? Third can aomeone tell me which wire to use from the tps sensor so I do not have to pierce multiple wires? Lastly switch locations, I was thinking in the center consol to avoid bumping. I haven't found any switch mounting plates for 99-04. Sorry for all the questions just trying to get a decent game plan before I jump into this. I know I could answer my clearance questions by jacking the car up, but that isn't possible today due to where my car is and our wet weather in PA today. Appreciate all the help:nice:
    One more question, can I use my wire from the arming switch to power up the ZEX window switch or should it be key on?
  2. I had mine mounted under the cold air intake, on the fender apron. Also, run the line outside the car. You want as few of bends as possible in the feed line.
  3. As far as nozzle placement, it says 6" from TB. I don't have much srtaight section before it bends. Is mounting on the bend ok? I have the K&N cold air
  4. I mounted mine about 4 or 5" before the bend that leads into the TB and it did just fine.
  5. Thanks alot!