Zex wet kit

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  1. I Know a man that Has a Zex wet kit for a Mustang for $300 think I should get, My car has 140,000 miles on it.
  2. if i were you i would hold out for a dry kit.

    with all the bends in our intake mani's fuel has a tendacy to puddle and backfire.

    zex is good though. if you feel you must then check to make sure no teflon tape has been used on the hose fittings as then tend to "chunk" off and clog solenoids.
  3. in my opinion a wet kit is the safest way to go and you should have no problems with puddling as long as you install a wide open throttle switch and a window switch set to activate nitrous at 3000 rpm..what does the kit come with for example you will need a filter some used kits do not have the filter you will need a window switch and a fuel pressuer cutoff switch,you will need a bottle heater and automatic cutoff switch for the heater. a nitrous pressure guage and a blow down tube...you don't need all the above to run nitrous but in my opinion the above items are the bare minimum you will need to run nitrous safely and efficiently and alot of tracks won't let you run nitrous without a blowdown tube....you will need to figure in the above items which do not come with the kit as extra expenses....and it gets expensive...but anyway post the complete contents of the kit...
  4. you will not need a wide open throtle switch. i have a dry kit, love it by the way, and that is the point of the zex kit is that there are no buttons to press. Hit the gas and go! i know wet kits are different, but for my use i have no reason to get window switches.
  5. i didnt even know zex made a wet kit.....
  6. I dont think I will get it. If any one like to have it, (it is $300) It is on KYhorsepower.com
  7. A Nitrous Express kit would be better.
    NX :nice:
  8. keep in mind as pennywise stated above A Nitrous Express kit would be better.also a compucar nitrous kit is just as good in my opinion and the main reason is these are the only 2 nitrous kits companies that have a lifetime warranty that follows the kit from buyer to buyer even if it is purchased used. these companies stand behind there product which tells me its a good product....i have dealt with compucar and a friend has a nitrous express kit and has dealt with nitrous express and there warranty is good...in my opinion you can't beat that...
  9. I was thinking about a NX or compucar nitrous kit.
  10. I have 4 friends all using the old Zex dry kits. As I am. Most of us just have the base kit. Nothing added. The only failure we have had with any Zex kit was when a girl on a cell phone pulled out in front of my buddys stang and totalled his car. The Zex box didn't hold up to well to a 3/4 ton truck running over it. :lol:

    One of my friends has switched from the dry kit to a wet kit. He really likes it on his 99GT. That kit will soon be on a 95 GT when he picks up that car. I can't personally vouche for a WET kit yet on a 94-95, but I can tell you from 5+ years of personal experience, the dry kit is VERY impressive. I've had ZERO solenoid failures or any kind of failure or problem with my base kit. Sure there is a slight learning curve, and you have to follow the directions, but that is with ANY nitrous kit. BTW - No bottle warmer, no purge, just the cheap base kit. 12.79 in an AODE works for me. :D

    Oh and yes, I run a stock off the shelf chip, which is a no no. AND, yes, I also ran triple platinum plugs for a year before I knew any better. :)