zex wet nitrous kit questions

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  1. this guy in a local forum is selling a zex wet nitrous kit 75-125 shot for $500.I try looking it but didnt find much details,but what does the kit come with.I did some searching on here and read post about window switches,purge,bottle heater,WOT switch .Do all that come with the kits?

    Pretty much my question is if i get this kit,what alse do i need to buy with it.I read that this is a safe kit and is to install,True?

  2. Just a little heads up. I bought the same kit off ebay for like $325 last year. If it is used you should be able to get a better deal than that. I thing they sell just over $500 new.

    I just going from memory on this post though! It can be bad at times.
  3. Where does the Zex wet kit inject the extra fuel?

    I'm not such of a fan of conventional wet kits on 5.0s.

    You can get a Zex dry kit (like the one I run) brand new for less than $500 and you won't ever have to worry about an underhood explosion.
  4. I hope that's a new kit.... you can get the full kit, with waranty for $519 and less off ebay. Free shipping even.

    I have a dry kit. You can get those used for $250 or less.

    go to www.zex.com to learn about what is in the kit. A purge, bottle warmer, opener, etc will not come with one unless it's a special package deal.

    Zex has a built in WOT setup. So don't consider that an "extra feature" - however it is on other brands.
  5. i thought the dry kit is more dangerous then the wet kit?
  6. Common misconceptions...

    #1. Dry kits like the Zex kit me and Paul have DO add fuel while spraying.

    #2. Dry kits absolutely 100% WILL NOT CAUSE AN UNDERHOOD EXPOSION like a wet kit can.

    Both dry and wet kits can quickly destroy a motor if installed or used incorrectly...however, a dry kit can only melt pistons, put holes in them, wear out rings, or blow a headgasket....a wet kit used improperly can do all of those things plus it can crease a large explosion in your intake manifold when fuel puddles there and then ignites.