zex wot switch or window switch? how can i control WOT?

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  1. hey guys....im getting ready to install a zex dry system...gonna go with a 75 shot...just wondering which activation switch i should use on my setup. the kit comes with the management unit that reads off the tps voltage to activate the nitrous at WOT...now is there anyway can activate it at WOT but at MY desired rpm and MY desired gear?

    my concern with the tps wot activation is that how do i launch and go through first gear and second gear at WOT without the nitrous activating?

    i know that with the zex traction control window switch i can select what rpm to come on and off and what gear to come on at, which i really like, only thing is what if something happens and im not WOT.

    what should i do? which should i use? i already have the zex digital window switch which seems like a really nice pieace...

    now, is there anyway i can control it at WOT like say a button i can push by the shifter that would allow the nitrous to kick in at WOT but when i want it to? how would i go about wiring such button? sorry guys but im a newbie to nitrous...thanks
  2. Just wire the switch into the 12V white wire comin off the TCWS going to the NMU. The only thing is you will have to be in your specified gear and rpm window already (you can always have your window wide open and that switch will give you the final go-ahead).
  3. Think about it all in a series.....wire the power wire through each "gate" in order for nitrous to hit....

    So if you have a module that can sense the gear and RPM have it do this....

    Is the car in 2nd gear? Yes....then power goes through to
    Are the rpm's above 3,000rpms? Yes the power goes through....
    Is the car at WOT? No. No nitrous is sprayed. if yes, nitrous will get sprayed.

    3 check points. You can also put in a switch at the end of all that so you control when it hits or not.
  4. Posted via Mobile DeviceI think I figured it out....I think I should wire some sort of button next to the shifter that would act like a "power gate" to the management unit that activates the nitrous at WOT...that way it will give it power only when I want it to spray at wot at my desired rpm and gear...let me know if this would work...I'm a newbie at these things :)
  5. It doesnt matter in what order you put each "gate". You can have power start at the battery(+ ignition on source) go to the shifter button, then to the management unit, then nitrous. OR ignition > management> shifter> nitrous

    Both will result in the same action....nitrous sprayed when you want it to be.

    Why not get a shifter handle with a 12volt switch built into it?

    for example:

  6. cool....that makes total sense to me now....easy....that shifter handle goes perfect with my hurst shifter ( using steeda handle with bullit shifter ball now)....ill try that shifter out......ill give the window switch to my cousin since i wont be needing it anymore...thanks alot guys
  7. I didnt read all the other posts but if you want it to spray between certain rpms you are going to need a window switch. For example you will still have it at hit at WOT but you dont want it hitting at WOT at 1.5k rpms. This would hurt your motor.

    The best range to spray is having it start around 2.8k to 3k rpms. This is considered safe. You then have it stop about 300 rpms before you shift.

    In my automatic i had it setup to spray at 2800 rpms and stop at 5400rpms to give it enough time to shift at 5700 rpms.

    I also had a thread somewhere to show you which wire to splice into to get the tach signal for the window switch. It is a good investment to get one. I had/have an msd digital window switch.
  8. ohh your right! now the zex kit comes with the management unit that splices into the tps voltage wire, and that how it activates the spray at WOT....now how would i go about wiring the window switch with the management unit? how would i make the WOT feature kick in only at certain rpms? sorry for the newbie questions...:(
  9. hey danman, looking at your diagram you got both power wires of window switch and WOT switch going to your arming switch....now would that deactivate the WOT switch UNTIL certain rpms?
  10. Ok I was looking around and found a wiring diagram for exactly what you need. So dont even look at mine since that is how I had my NOS system hooked up.

    If you want to run a bottle warmer just run another power line with another relay attached to it. and then connect one part to the power, one to the switch, one to the warmer and one to a ground.


  11. sorry for all these questions and thanks for your patience guys

    one last question danman.....i know the center piece is the relay and the acc wire, tps wire goes to it.....but whats that to the right that is also hooked up to it? it has FPSS on it....i know its probably something stupid but i cant think of what it is right now:nonono:.....once again sorry for the newbie Qs
  12. i looked at the zex website under the TC window switch.....i thought maybe all the zex stuff should work in conjunction with each other.....heres what i found

    How the ZEX™ Traction Control Window Switch works:
    The Traction Control Window Switch receives an rpm signal from the engine’s ignition. It accepts
    most tach signals, including low-voltage and irregular signals, such as those found on many V10s.
    Through programming, the user has total control at what rpm the nitrous comes on and shuts off.
    Additional programming of the switch lets you select what gear in which the nitrous begins to spray. In
    the case of a ZEX™ EFI nitrous system, the Traction Control Window Switch interrupts the TPS
    signal going to the nitrous management unit. With a non-ZEX™ nitrous system, the Traction Control
    Window Switch can control a standard automotive relay, connected to the non-ZEX™ system’s

    i looked at the rest of the instructions and they have a diagram of how the tc window switch wires up with the zex management unit...i wont need to setup so many wires and relays, etc. Simple plug and play......this is perfect....everything makes perfect sense now...now i now EXACTLY what to do.....thanks guys
  13. Just to answer your question about the FPSS it is the Fuel Pressure Safety Switch. What that does is if your fuel pressure drops below a certain pressure it will stop spraying nitrous. For example, if your fuel pump decides to die on you in a middle of a run, instead of blowing up your whole motor the FPSS will read that you are not getting enough pressure and stop the nitrous from spraying.
  14. I've the Zex Traction control unit and it's very easy to install/configure.
    The only thing you MUST do before installing this unit is to do the programmation of the NMU BEFORE plugging the TC unit, otherwise it WON'T work !