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  1. :shrug: Has anyone used Ziebarts' Diamond Gloss Treatment? A friend of mine has it on his Harley Davidson F150 and it looks real good. He said you never have to wax again. Sounds too good to be true. Besides half the fun of owning a Mustang is spending a day shining it.
  2. Never waxing again - too good to be true :notnice: Unless he garages his harley and drives it maybe 100 miles a year, only in the sun. Wax still degrades over time though, as the bonds break down. I like to wax my car every 2 weeks with meguiars NXT tech wax after a nice washing (black cars suck sometimes). Although I am hearing that the tech wax seems to last about 6-8 weeks on some of the posts.
  3. Hey guys. I am a manager at a Ziebart and the diamond gloss process is one of the best that you can get. It is a proprietary product that only Ziebart has. It is not a wax!!! It is the same technology as used on the fuselage of commercial aircraft. When it is applied right it will last a year. NO waxing needed. We sell it with a reduced yearly price. Hope that helps
  4. How long has your friend had the Harley F150? The real test is to see what it looks like after a year. Typically people who get that and similar systems tend to treat it like they think it is armour and neglect the paint. No matter what Ziebart says, their product is not harder than paint. It is still subject to being etched from bird droppings and water spots as well as swirl marks from poor washing techniques.

    You said it, half the fun of owning a Mustang is taking care of it. I guarantee Ziebart can't make your car shine like this.

    Meguiars #9,#7,#26
  5. I have had NXT Tech Wax on my Mustang for 8 weeks now and just washed it this afternoon. Paint still shines like mad and is as smooth as a babies behind. I usually wax once a month and have only left it on this long to see what kind of durability I could expect. Don't have the patience to wait any longer so I will probably detail it this weekend.

    Meguiars NXT Tech Wax (pic taken 8 weeks ago)
  6. He's had the truck for about 2 years. Its kept in a garage and not driven much. I think he just bought it to look at. I can't say how good the Diamond Gloss is because this truck is rarely in bad weather. For myself, I'm going with the Meguiars except this time I'm using NXT. Like I said I love to spend a day in my garage detailing my Redfire Gt Convertible while listening to the Beach Boys. By the way, does anyone paint the wheel wells (Flat Black) when they detail their cars or am I the only one who does this? It really makes the wheels stand out.