zinc plated rotors

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  1. i just bought some drilled and slotted rotors they say there zinc plated to prevent rust....does anyone have rotors that are zinc plated and if so does it prevent rust or is it a good idea to paint them with a high heat paint...
  2. I'd imagine the zinc washed would hold up better, but I painted mine with caliper paint. They have around 600 miles on them, in about 2 months. They rusted near the edges of where the brake pads contact but seems to be holding up everywhere else.
  3. thanks for the info...larrendeuce. anyone else
  4. anyone else...
  5. i'd paint...they will most likely rust eventually, depending on how often you drive it
  6. the braking pad surface will rust but not the entire rotor for what i've seen.
  7. The zinc coating does a decent job preventing rust.

    Just a little note however, first time you use the brakes the zinc coating will be swept from the area of the rotor the pad contacts. That means anytime they get wet they will rust up in the spot. However next time you use the brakes the rust will be scraped off again
  8. does that end up with half the rotor being silver and half being gold?
  9. Why would it be gold? The zinc plating is silver colored and the bare rotor in the pad area is more of a dark gray
  10. 5L5 is talking about something like this:


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  11. oh i thought the zinc plated ones were the gold rotors.
  12. I think the gold ones are cadmium plated.
  13. Hey Dave how are those rotors holding up? Any cracking??

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  14. Good as new! I never had problems with my old drilled/slotted 4-luggers either
  15. thanks for the info. so what your saying it will not be necessary to paint