Zirgo 16" Fan Install

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  1. Zirgo 16" Fan Install Pics!

    RC suggested that I post the pictures of my new Zirgo 16" Fan. It seems to be one of the higher flowing cfm(~3600cfm) fans that are affordable. I got it on ebay for about $80 with free shipping. It is only 3 1/2 inches thick and creates a ton more space between block and fan. I made simple brackets for it because the one that Zirgo includes do not match up to the stock location as it is a universal fan. Imagine a small square thats open on one corner and a groove down the middle of it. This groove goes between one of the stems that make up the fan housing. Then I made 2 smal holes on the top of the radiator lip (Fluidyne) to attach the bracket and thats it. One on the top, one on the bottom.

    Electrically, it comes with a 2 wire setup only, as it runs on high all the time. I would like to wait until Hissin chimes in to guide everyone through the electrical part of it. I don't have stock wiring anymore, as far as the fan goes. Enjoy the pics!
  2. Looks like a clean install. It'll be interesting to see how it works in your Miami heat.

    How do you want to control it? A simple controller with a master override switch would work, or you can go as luxurious as a Delta controller on the other end of the spectrum.

    If you wanna do a simple controller, many will work. For the relay, let us know the rated power consumption (start-up or continuous use draw). Chances are you will want a 75 amp relay so you don't have to worry about the relay (fans often eat 40 amp relays simply because of the start up draw and lack of use of diodes in shadetree installations).
  3. I currently have a 60amp relay hooked up to a switch on a panel I made. Works great so far.
  4. :banana:

    amazing how easy it was for you to mount that, in between doing my welding and working your job :nice:

    For the $80, I would like to do this, but we have so much to do now, I dont want to introduce another wiring project into the mix until all my other stuff is working fine.

    Let us know how the cooling goes!!