Zirgo Electric fans

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  1. I Picked up the same (zirgo ZF16S) fan recently...

    Only $100 on ebay. Their numbers of 3300cfm are likely exaggerated, but if it flows as much as 2800 then its still a good deal. Real compact @ ~3.5" of depth.. There are a few good threads on corral and likely here. I did find a few ppl whose burnt out after short use, but most were replaced. Also some complants of them being noisy, but my black magic is loud as all hell. That all aside, there were several very satisfied users too. Some who had been runnign them for several yrs on blown apps, so those were enough to sell me

    i essentially needed to find a more compact equivalent to my fox body black magic fan, this seemed to fit the bill best. While i dont have a roadtest with it persoanlly, i dont think you cant beat it for a cheap high flow compact fan.
  2. I have heard great reports about them and for the price they can't be beat. If you have some more money consider the Dual 11 inch Spal which is another great fan.
  3. Got mine on ebay for $80. I am wiring up the SPAL PWM fan controller on it right now. That is one slick setup. If you're not aware of it, you program the time you want the fan to kick in at half speed and when you want it running at full speed. This way the fan isn't as noisy unless the motor is hotter than normal, plus it is easier on the fan motor cause it is not running full speed all the time.
  4. Thats cool, It will be worth trying for 100 bucks. I was looking at the spal fan and came across this one. I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the info.
  5. That sounds cool, I will check into it. Thanks
  6. Sorry to rain on the parade, but I bought one off of Ebay for $100, installed it, was running good for a few hours and then seized up, left me stranded on the road. This might be a isolated instance, but I stay away from Zirgo. There is also no refund or warranty with these fans. I tried to contact the seller, he never even responded to my emails.
    good luck

  7. I know some people that have had that happen to them with Flex A Lite and SPAL fans too, not within a few hours but within a week or two. Did you contact Zirgo regarding the fan?

    Edit: Just checked their website and it states that they have a limited lifetime warranty. Not sure what the constraint is on the Limited part, but i would be checking it out if you want a new replacement. Anything with an electrical motor can have problems no matter how good of quality the products a company makes. Its the customer service that can back the product up if something does happen is what makes the product great.
  8. Spal was my 1st choice, but the highest flow compact fan i could find from them was rated at 2360cfm...the dual 11" spal setup is nice, but another inch thicker and runs ~$250. I think they rate that too at 2700, but i believe their #s are pretty legitimate. My issue was less the cost or life, but more of something that would fit and flow enough
  9. I just went to a place yesterday fsor some cooling system questions and he also said that Zirgo "over rates" their fan CFM.I have some Scotts fans(10 years old) and never had a problem with them,but they also dont cool my new combo,so its time to upgrade to a new radiator and Taurus 3.8L fan.
  10. Grossly over rated cfm (some models by over 2:1)

    High failure rate

    over priced
  11. I just bought an Old Air Products puller fan. It is actually a dual Spal setup. It fits the 3" griffin and FE. The depth is a little misleading because the fans are to the left and right of the water pump. I have 1/2" at the water pump.
  12. how much and where from?
  13. Any pics?
  14. I can take some good pics tomorrow. There is a couple at 123classics.com They have one for 20'' core and 24" core. Comes complete with control modual. ready to hookup. $365 for the dual unit. NPD also has them.