ZIRGO Fans?? Anyone used one?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Killer50stang, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. I run one one my S trimed 93
    works mint thus far.
    kinda loud when its on but it works and is cheap.
  2. do they come with brackets, wiring, switches?
  3. Zirgo

    i have one but cant think of the size 16" or 18". came with everything to mount fan. i would not recommend there adj. fan control. but awsome fan cools down fast, i think mine flows about 3300cfm. very good built too.

    i also got mine from ebay.

  4. they come with brackets, there are many ways to wire it. I run the standard adjustable temp controler, it works well for me.

    thats it installed on my pile.
  5. where is ur temp controller?
  6. Nice, what is the thickest point? I need to stay in the 3" range I believe. I think these are 3.3"???
  7. i tried to mesaure mine but i couldnt becuase i used the stock fan shroud to help move air evenly over the engine. but it looks like about 3in or so.

    in the pic. i believe the controller is up and to the right of the radiator inlet and to the left of the supercharger, its a white box with a redish top.

  8. Nick is correct.
  9. So you can ditch the fan shroud then?
  10. yes no need for it.
  11. anyone have pics of the setup?