1. So I like to watch certain channels like SPEED and what not and they sometimes show that ZMAX stuff ... i was just wondering if it really works??? and what notable difference occurred??
  2. Seafoam > Zmax
  3. haha seafoam is fun
  4. oh and how about royal purple??? is that stuff worth it??
  5. Royal Purple spends far more money on glitzy advertising and fancy packaging than on making quality product, I would not put it in my lawn mower.

    Never heard of ZMax but I have been using SeaFoam for years with great results.
  6. not a big fan of royal purple either. have not had any luck with their products.
  7. ZMAX is the same as every other snake oil.

    Basically, it works by fooling you into thinking it works. You might as well set your cash on fire.

    As far as Royal Purple... it's a love/hate for them. I personally will stick with Motorcraft, Castrol, or Mobil. I don't buy into the hype and the oil analysis I have seen really shows RP to be unimpressive.
  8. Zmax is great I put it in everything, I swear it gives me 20-30+ HP accross the board, and let me tell you, its not just mowing the lawn when you have thant much more powa in the engine

    i even dribble it on my sons bike chain, he also swears its about a second or two faster in the 1/18th of a mile
  9. I have some case files from the zMax ppl vs zmax false advertising lawsuit, if I remember ill post it when I get back to my pc.

    Its a scam.
    Before I switched to Amsoil, I was dedicated to RP. I started lab testing my oils for me and customers, and now I can believe I actually used and sold royal purple.
  10. RP is another good hyped name from what I've seen.

    According to a claimed non-bias oil analysis of all the big brand oils, RP did not do anything impressive, or near what they claimed.