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  1. A simple turbo kit on the stock longblock would be enough to keep up. :nice:

    Throw a h/c/i along with the turbo kit and you can beat em with a small amount of boost. :nice:
  2. Hah, some of you guys just dont want to hear the truth. But yes, a Z06 can be beat somewhat easily with enough money if the 1/4 is your life.
  3. Hope that guy was on a closed course!! 185 on the street is rediculous! If he passed me in my Expedition with my family in the car i would of called the cops!!
  4. I agree.

    This needs to be moved to 5.0 TALK.
  5. Any car can be beat. Lighten your car up. A full interiored car with driver can easily be under 3200lbs. Mine is 3267 and I have a 10 point roll bar that adds 100 to 120lbs or wieght. I also have a 351w which wieghs a bit more then the 302. It shouldn't be hard to get 500 at the rear wheel with a power adder. The problem is it costs big bucks to have that kinda power relieable. Aftermarket blocks are not cheap IMO. Don't forget that if you want to take this car to the track you are going to have to meet the tech rules. Anything faster then 11.5 and they start to add a few more sfi race approved goodies. No car lasts forever on top. Someone with more money always can beat you.
  6. hci?? i just finished a t56 swap humm i might have to rethink my high speed performance goals it sound to me like turbo or big cubes is the only way to go reliabiltity is a big one 5k short block or 5k turbo!!!!! 375 na beat the crap out of it hp or 500 powder puff take it easy hp what about motor swaps?? 03 cobra motor / 4.6/ LS1 i bet the ls1 would be a badd ass road race motor for infeneon which is were i live tho it would be takeing me a step backward
  7. I hope you have the wallet to back up this pipedream.

  8. LOL 12.2 I ran a 12.6 with HCI and thats a stock gear and stock T-5 with a stock clutch. I could lighten my car put a low gear and I will run faster than a 12.2 and now since what I added what I have you could take a mild z06 and I will outrun it.
  9. Damn, you guys act like a Z06 hung the moon. I would have no problem running a Z06 at the track in my 89 Saleen. And NO I have nowhere near a suspension setup for drag racing.
  10. 12.6 on drag radials or 12.6 on std radials?
    Makes a huge difference, a z06 on drag radials will go 11.50's, and that's only the fastest i've seen, i'm sure there's some faster.
    By your theory your car is faster than just about anything that can be purchased.

    Comparing ET's of cars using dissimilar tires is not a fair comparison.
    There is guys here with foxbodies that make more to the rear wheels than a z06 makes to the crank, and still can't go 12.20 with radials.

    It's performance off the showroom floor that makes it such a great car.

    Of course they can be beaten if you cut wieght, use better tires, add more power.
    But it's still not going to be easy if you both use regular tires, that's what makes the z06 so great. It puts the power to the ground, right out of the box.
  11. The z06 is for those that have to much money. A couple of these would have equaled what I paid for my house years ago. Hate to see what people pay for insurance on these.

    I will stick with my stang, and go fast, for less.
  12. I'm not trying to sell a z06 to people, but as competition mustang owners should know what they are up against.
    It's a great car.
    Not to mention used z06's are in the 20's now.

    And i know nobody here is even thinking about comparing their car to the newer z06 with 500hp, it's in a league of it's own.
  13. I was going to ask C5 or C6.

    C5 a HCI Mustang wont do it, sorry. Unless you have the best of the best it probably wont happen. A stroker motor with HCI stands a better chance but again the Z is a hell of a car. Now adding a power adder you have a chance, but on a radial you will need suspension work.

    C6, just save for a power adder, and maybe even more. 126-128 mph traps have been seen, that is a huge MPH for a car not gear to run the 1/4.

    Also I have been 12.5 on slicks and 12.9s on radials, and can say to get that down to low 12s on a radial would be extremely tough.
  14. Exactly! As soon as someone posts a vid of a stock block Fox cruising down the highway at 190 MPH I'll concede that the Z06 can be beat.
  15. Haha. Bull ****in ****. You guys crack me up. I'm in the process of building a $2500 turbo kit that will be on a stock, never removed, 43k mile complete short block 302, and I promise you I will not be backing down to any C6 Z06, nevermind C5s.


    What does going 190mph have to do with beating a Z06? There's a lot more to it than top speed. The Z06 is an amazing car, and they made it even better with the C6 version. I will praise them and the ls1 just as much as anyone here. But they are not the unbeatable god you guys are making them out to be. Hopefully I will be backing this up with video in the summer if any of the 60yr old Corvette owners are man enough to run a stock 302.
  16. The only Z06 you are describing is a C6 model. A 2004 or older Z06 does not just get out and run low 12's at the track. Hell, go to any big Vette gathering at the drag strip and I bet you see way more 13 second Vettes than you do 12 sec ones.
    Yes the C6 Z06 is a strong SOB no doubt and unless I sprayed I would have a hard time running with one from a roll on the highway. But the C5's are nowhere near as strong.
  17. A power adder makes it easy to beat them, but can you beat them on motor? Yep, it can be done. Stroked windsors behind a manual are mean.
  18. A C5 Z05 should be a mid 12s car with a decent driver, a good driver low 12s even dip into the high high 11s. To think they are 13 second cars is insane and asking for you to be disppointed at a stoplight.
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