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  1. Sounds like a fishing expedition that caught the mother load :nonono:
  2. I am going to have to agree with you. My neighbor has an 85 vette and rented the track for 45 people. One guy dropped out, I got to fill in last minute. This was in 2004, so all the Vettes were 04 and older. Most were 97-04, some C5's some Z06's and I would say out of 44 Vettes there were only a handful running in the 12's. Most Vette owners can't drive for some reason.

    On the other hand, I was a another track and bone stock 98-99 C5's were running 13.1-13.3's. I talked to them and check the cars out and they were bone stock. Another guy had a C5 Z06 with K&N and L/T's and was running 12.30's.
  3. So this is my story, you don't have to believe it but w/e.

    I was coming home from pepboys in my dad's car, BONE STOCK 01 Lincoln LS V8. I was at a red light that was 3 lanes across but went to 2 lanes about 1/8 mile down the road. A car pulled up behind me and I couldn't tell what it was it was so low. (Dark out) So I have to accelerate and get over in kind of a hurry so I turn off TC and floored it, I hit about 100 and the car comes out next to me and I leave the pedal buried and he starts to walk away, but pretty slowly. I see black side skirts and knew it was a zo6. He was about 2 cars ahead at 125, starting behind me of course when he tapped his brakes a few times. I slowed down and he told me to go first, obviously him having the advantage. From a 40 roll I took off, he came on as I was passing his front bumper. He started passing me, but nowhere near as fast as I thought he should have.

    After the race we both rolled our windows down, he asked to pull over b/c he didn't believe the car was stock. We pull over in a little neighborhood and we both get out and we were talking cars basically. It was an 03 blue ZO6 with a tune. He said he was so surprised that the lincoln was keeping up as well as it did, I said me too. Then I told him if he thinks that car is bad, to come check out mine(my neighborhood was a few streets down the road) He was checking out my block and my kit that was sitting on top of the boat and my heads and stuff that were mocked up.

    I got his phone number and I am going to race him when I get my new clutch and he car all buttoned back up. I told him we'd race w/ spray and a few w/o.

    My combo:
    Patriot 185cc heads
    Explorer intake
    lunati 51014 cam
    KC clutch
    all the bolt ons and a 150 shot.

    I think it will be close w/o spray and I think I will roast him w/ it.
  4. If you want to outrun that Z06 you'll actually have to run in excess of 198. Pure and simple. I guess if you wanted to put exotic mods on 302 engines and mod this and mod that you may come close to keeping up with one in the quarter mile but once that quarter mile is gone the Z06 is gonna walk the dog on you. You guys sound like a bunch of Honda Civic guys trying to catch up to a notch 5.0.
  5. ok you will prolly lose to a n/a z06 though, all this summer I worked on c4-c6 cars and drove some of em, a 02 z06 with everything, and a c6 z06, with a spec 5 clutch a comp cam, kooks lt's, and I was told it put over 600hp at the wheels with stock heads and intake.....

  6. SO WHAT? I dont know about everyone else but after 1/4 mile I could give a rat's ass if he can outrun me. ANd the 500hp corvettes are not in a class of their own. I am not sure but I do know that a GT-40 comes with more power (550 hp) and OMG yeah I bet the new z06s are fast. I mean look how much you pay for them. I will make a deal with anyone in this world. Go buy a 50k corvette or even the NEW z06s and give me the same amount of money you bought that car for. I will go buy a $2000 5.0 mustang and spend 20k on it and WILL WALK AWAY FROM ANY STOCK CORVETTE LIKE IT WAS TIED TO A TREE!!! So if any idiot wants to pay 80K for a car with 500 hp when they can buy ALOT cheaper car and go FASTER ( yeah I said faster) than any corvette be my guest as someone has already said in this thread " I will stick with my 5.0 and go faster cheaper"

    And as far as the corvettes on drag radials or std's. It doesnt matter a type of tire is like any other upgrade. I mean I think it is a fair trade me on slicks and the corvette having more HP. A tire is a tire just like heads are heads and cams are cams.:Track:
  7. must be nice to be such a genius:notnice: are you like 15 years old?

    hey lets compare a 20 year old car with mods to a brand new car that is bone stock and has to meet standards!!!

    how about you compare apples to apples dumbass. mod for mod the corvette will walk away from you, plain and simple.

    the corvette is arguably the best car you can buy for the money. out of the box it is a true ALL AROUND sports car that can compete with some of the nicest cars in the world. sorry, but you can't say that about a fox mustang.

    i LOVE my mustang, It is the best car i've owned and it is a blast to drive, but I'd love to own a vette Z06 as well. my dad has an 01 Z06 with an intercooled procharger. that car is amazing. not to mention it is probably one of the best looking cars i've ever seen.
  8. I just do not think many realize how difficult it is to get a FOX to run high 127-128 mph, run with great A/C, and get mid 20 mpg, and drive similar to Benz:)

    A stock longblock with a turbo, is not going to be cutting 130 mph without something going, bye bye...
  9. even if you did have an almost equal amount of hp vettes aerodynamics is its great advantage, those cars would slice the winds at high speeds opposed to 5.0 which are about as aerodynamic as a cinder block
  10. Its been my experience that, if its a Chevrolet Corvette, you want to race it 5 times. Doesn't matter what your car does. On one of those runs, the vette breaks. Anyone remember that Marine motor they touted so heavily, and charged up the ying yang for a few years back? Recalled for locking up said big time motor? Junk. Wanna drop that kind of cash, get a Porsche.
  11. Have you ever ridden in a vette? I assume not, they are a ROUGH ride with their stiff ass susp., no where near like a benz....
  12. I'm betting it will be about 6 months before we see the thread "How do I run down a ZR1?"

    A C5 Z06 will dyno around 375hp.
    A C6 Z06 will dyno about 100hp more, and has run in the 10s bone stock.
    3100lbs is light? You guys have low standards.
  13. I really hope that post was a joke. that was the dumbest thing i've ever heard. you think a vette is going to break more than a porsche? LMFAO. Not to mention a porsche(of the same year) that will be of the same caliber as a corvette Z06 is going to cost you a LOT more money both initially AND maintenance-wise. Plus most people that drive porsches are complete *******s.

    base price on a porsche 911 turbo is 123k(140k with all the goodies). base price on a vette z06 is 70k(76k with all the goodies).

    the 911 weighs more than the vette, and has less horsepower.

    really though. name a brand new car that you can buy that even comes close to the all around performance of the vette for the money. :shrug:
  14. are correct, as it would be far easier to do with far lest boost and a h/c/i package. Even so, 25mpg and 130+mph traps are not out of the question on a h/c/i + boost package. You can even keep your A/C in most cases. That's not to say it's going to be dead reliable....but still, reliability wasn't the qestion. :nice:
  15. You said I am dumb....where did you learn to read dumb ****.... BEST CAR FOR THE MONEY HAHAHAHA what a joke you are. I tell you what....bring you dads POS prochargered corvette a friend of mine has a 306 on gas that will walk away from it LMAO you are such a little kid. Look dumb **** I will say it again for the retards out there. If you spend 50K on a corvette and you dump 20k in it that =70K right? now give me 70K. 5.0 mustang=2K that leaves me 68K ( am I going too fast for you, typical you like ok now I will build the 5.0 mustang with every penny of that 68K and I wonder who be faster, BUT we spent the same amount of money on both cars....damn they shouldnt let little kids in here that doesnt know what they are talking about!!!!
  16. Have your friend show up on regular street tires to run a z06 corvette that is also on street tires, there is guys going low 11's box stock off the showroom floor with c6 z's.
    Try that crap in a 500rwhp fox and you'll be lucky not to land up in the wall.
    Do you have any clue how fast it is to go through the traps at 127mph on street tires?
    Of course not, because a mustang is extremely unlikely to do it using regular tires.

    You can build whatever you want, it will never be equivalent to a new car with a warranty, with cold a/c, that you don't have to worry about grenading at any time.

    Oh, and don't forget, that same z06 that rips through the 1/4 mile, also goes screaming around a road track at world class speeds.
    It's easy to build a car that does one thing well, but try and build one that does drag and road race, then make it reliable.

    You seem to think comparing a mustang on sticky tires to a vette on regular tires is a fair comparison. It's not.
    Match the tires on both cars and the mustang is losing almost every time. Using full slicks on both cars may be the best bet, in hope the rear on the vette blows up, that's about the only way your winning.
    good luck
  17. :rolleyes: :fairyfight:
  18. Yes, quite a few actually, and even drove a couple. Rode in two vipers as well...

    They have a very nice ride for their handling potential.
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