zoom clutch cable

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  1. keeps stretching, is there frequent problems with this?

    is there a clutch cable thats better? my brother said it keeps going out of adjustment. hes gunna order a firewall adjuster, but if i remember right everyone always recommended the stock cable over any of the aftermarket ones.
  2. The MM cable is very nice.

    Is your cable stretching or is the pawl-and-quadrant mesh slipping? If you still have the OEM pieces, I'd get an aftermarket quadrant to go with the FWA.

    Good luck.
  3. The shop I asked said Steeda quadrant, Firewall adjuster and stock cable
  4. Either the stock cable or the MM cable, which I believe is very similar to the stock cable. There were some articles about older aftermarket adjustable cables that would shred and break far more frequently than stockers, and that the best replacement was a stock one.

    I picked up the MM cable, quadrant, and firewall adjuster, and I am in LOVE with how it all feels with a Mcleod clutch. The pedal isn't too tough to drive in city traffic and everything feels smooth.
  5. I had a Zoom cable on my car for about two years (10K miles or so) before it stretched and snapped. I always had to adjust the stupid thing, it stretched that much. Plus, it was never smooth to operate, and I tried re-routing the cable at least 3 times. I bought the MM universal or whatever it's called, and it made things nice and smooth. Even better than with the stock cable and clutch setup when I got the car.

  6. are you sure it's stretching or is the bracket that is bolted to the frame bending. i had one do that.
  7. My cable broke so I went and got a stock one and it broke after about 10 pushes of the pedal I thought maybe a defect so went and swapped it for another one and it did the same thing broke after only acouple pushes so I got the zoom kit and never had another problem with it and its now been about 8,000 miles of hard driving it was made alot better than the stocker