zoom clutch cables... and routing

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Red88 RICK, May 28, 2007.

  1. I replaced my clutch cable with a junk ass autozone one that lasted about 3 days they replaced it and it lasted about 1 month it broke the other day i just bought a zoom clutch cable and quad kit from advaced auto are they good has anyone had experiences with it and does anyone have a pic of the corect routing liek where it bolts to the sidewall if they arnt good im going to return it b4 it even comes in cause i just checked on summit and the same kit is liek $15 less but if they are good then i just keep it cause it will get here faster than summit through them. thanks alot by the way it isnt a special clutch just a regular stock clutch with a t-5 tranny
  2. I just purchased the steeda kit with adjuster, quadrand, and NON-adjustable cable (which is the better of the two. I am very impressed, pedal motion is smooth, cable was perfect couldnt be happier!
  3. same thing happened to me with the autozone cables. broke one in about 3 days then another one in about 2 weeks. i've stretched/broken about 8-10 cables in the past 2 years. i've had the ford racing adjustable cable (http://store.summitracing.com/partd...1&part=FMS-M-7553-C302&N=700+115&autoview=sku) before, never had a problem with it so i just got another one to replace the stretched steeda cable currently in my car. a lot of people will say all adjustable cables are crap, which MOST are, but like i said, i've had a good experience with the ford racing one so i'm definitely willing to try it out again. good luck!