ZOOM clutch installed just now...

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  1. ITs hecks stiff... Has a really short engaging throw. And now it seems tough to get into gear now.. Do I need to reset my shift stops on my shifter??
  2. Im thinking maybe I just need to adjust the clutch cable? I heard I need to break it in for 500 miles... but how? just driving it easy?
  3. It might get a little lighter as it wears in some during the breakin. You shouldnt have to adjust the shift stops unless your shifter moved a lot from when you reinstalled it. Sounds like you just need to adjust the cable/firewall adjuster some.
  4. I would remove all the slack in the cable. Then dial just a hair back into it (so you're sure to be fully engaging - so you dont glaze the new friction surfaces).

    If the cable is misrouted or a non OEM, MM (other high quality cable isnt used), that can create a situation where you limp after driving.

    Good luck.
  5. Yea man it is stiff as heck! The throw is feels like its a inch and i can start moving. I think I need to adjust that cable. Its hard to get it in gear, lik ei got to push it alot harder.
  6. If the point of engagement (POE) is right off the floor, then yeah, adjust the cable (remove slack).

    If the POE is right near the top of the pedal's travel (I wasn't sure if your inch comment was meant from the bottom or top), the cable should have more than enough slack removed (you'd want more slack, and that'd mean there's some other issue with the clutch).
  7. I push it from the top maybe 3 inches... put it in gear and pull it out like a inch or so and I have to be on the gas and Gooo!! Its a ZOOM MF btw.. maybe the multi friction part is why...
  8. I had a Zoom cable and quadrant (still have the quad.) and it was always very stiff. On the first install, I was in a hurry and got it twisted, which screwed it for life. It lasted about 4 years, and just snapped a couple weeks ago. When I put the new cable in from MM, I took my time and it's smooth as silk. What a difference just a cable makes! Hope you can get it figured out, but I'd try unhooking and re-routing the cable to make sure it's as smooth as can be. :shrug:

    Good luck!
  9. I'm now using a BBK Adjustable quad cable. NO FWA FTL...
  10. So I took the car to a clutchmart and they looked at the cable.. It is as tight as It goes but still has slack in it.. They said it might be too short, When u push the clutch in it twists the cable a bit, like side to side It moves a bit. maybe I just need new oEM cable and it will work... Or try just FWA and maybe I can get the slack out there. Its hard to get It in gear. The fingers on the plate I think is what they said are flat, an the bearing Is to far forward.... IDK
  11. If you have your stock cable, I'd definitely install it (you'll want an OEM or MM cable IMHO anyhow). You can get a FWA cheap if you need one (or use shims right now, till a FWA arrives).
  12. I ordered a FWA.. it should be here tomorrow. I hope it will take care of the remaining slack I have.. I think when I blew the clutch apart the oem cable stretch. so it is bye bye...
  13. ditch the cable you have and maximum motor sports universal cable with a FWA

    i never got a good pedal with all the cheapie part stors cable. i had a FRPP adj cable that wasnt bad.

    after i put the MM cable with my old FWA i couldnt believe i the pedal is SOFT AND LIGHT

    i have an s10 with a hydraulic clutch and its stiff as hell compared to my mustang.

    MM cable all the way!
  14. Thanks Ill see if this FWA helps at all then make a decision.