1. So i did a search and coudnt find much of anything at all really. anyone have any experience/feedback on any clutches offered by zoom? I'm thinking about getting a viper spec t56 pretty soon from D&D and was wondering if i should get one of the zoom clutches from that site while im at it or if i should head elsewhere for a clutch. I'm looking at the twin disc setup they offer. any feedback or opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.
  2. I had a stock replacement zoom from advance in my 12 sec. capri. Dumping it at 4200rpm on an aluminum flywheel it never slipped. It had a softer feel then a cobra and at least as much grip.
  3. thanks, never replaced a clutch so i havent ever really payed too much attention to whats good. anybody else?
  4. I'm lookin at one also, I work at Advance so I can get a good deal. I'm ditching my t 56 for a 3550. Hoping to shed some weight. I didn't have the viper spec tho... I've never heard anything bad about the zoom clutches :nice: