Zoomie Pipes

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  1. I saw a set of zoomie pipes on a 69 fairlane. I saw them on the car that mel gibson drove in mad max. They use to make them. now I cant find them.
    anyone know where I might find them?
  2. ah, the good old days...i remember them, didnt see them too much in real life though. the ad in magazines were the busty women, color saturated, cartoons used by the people who made purple hornies IIRC (cyclone?) i think they went under, and the rights to purple hornies got bought by someone else. you could check fleabay...
  3. Hopefully this link will work. They are for marine applications (damn jarheads, oops wrong marine). I don't know if you were looking for a functional set or not but these could be made to work as a dress up item.