Zymol Vintage Glaze 22 oz - $2500 WTF???

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  1. Is this stuff a joke or what? $2500 for a 22 oz container of Zymol Vintage Glaze.And they refill container for life.I don't care wtf is in this stuff.That's one ridiculous ass price.......anyone got a small sample of this stuff?

    click here and look at bottom of page
  2. It's real, the price is due to the high canuaba content (66% IIRC) which is more then any other out there. If you have $$ then why not but I don't so I won't :D. Even if I did I still wouldn't, I'll let my prep not my product do the talking. Most I'll spend on wax/sealant is $90 shipped after that I don't need it. I don't need a $90 dollar wax but if I can afford it why not.
  3. there is no polish worth that.
  4. Oh hell no! I didn't even pay $2500 to have my car painted.
  5. I just bought some of that stuff I hope it's worth it

    :rlaugh: JK
  6. I almost **** thinking you actually bought this stuff.I was like......... "He's gotta be some rich mofo..either that or he's crazy"
    :jaw: :D